Frankly, you should be thinking about Blockchain as the next big thing in programmatic

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Frank Discussions with iX thinkLeaders at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2017
Frankly, you should be thinking about Blockchain as the next big thing in programmatic

In 2016, programmatic digital display ad spending represented over two-thirds of total digital display ad spending in the US. Programmatic is clearly the present and future, yet the unprecedented speed of innovation has lead to many new challenges. Budgeting, measurement and transparency require new solutions across the programmatic supply chain. Enter: Blockchain, the same technology that underlies bitcoin.

Babs Rangaiah, Partner, Global Marketing Solutions, IBM iX (moderator)
Stacy Huggins, Co-founder & CMO, MadHive
Michael Jolly, Chief Revenue Officer, FusionSeven
Jeremy Hlavacek, VP, Global Automated Monetization, The Weather Company

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