EJ Achtner, Digital Banking Executive, Bank of America

EJ Achtner, Digital Banking Executive at Bank of America, sits with Robert Schwartz, Global Leader of Strategy and Design at IBM iX, at the Money 2020 conference in Las Vegas to discuss digital transformation in the banking industry.

0:00 EJ’s role: Synthesizing clients’ digital experiences
4:54 Bank of America’s empathy-driven client experience strategy
7:52 The most surprising customer change: desire for financial education
11:00 Building trust in clients over decades and generations
13:17 Serving Millennials and beyond: changing dynamics of influence
15:36 Erica: BoA’s new digital personal concierge
19:48 What EJ looks for in talent: Do you place the client in the middle?
23:07 BoA’s customer-focused investment strategy
25:14 EJ’s proudest moments at BoA: Close attention to clients and rapid implementations
27:31 What EJ worries about: Technology for technology’s sake

Lightning Round
30:17 Favorite social network: Instagram
30:30 Favorite device: Bike computer
31:11 Favorite non-banking brand: Strava
31:45 Dream alternate career: Astrophysics
32:50 When you think of IBM, what do you think of?

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