Digital Founders Panel, October 2016

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IBM’s Robert Schwartz talks about entrepreneurship, creativity, marketing, and finding talent with a panel of digital founders:
Ita Ekpoudom, Founder and CEO, Tigress Ventures
Josie Hines, COO and co-founder, Art Frankly
Aaron Nicholson, co-founder, Studio Transcendent

0:55 Panelist introductions
3:55 Aaron: AR/VR tech adoption “won’t be as viral” as mobile and social
9:03 What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced?
13:13 How do you build a cohesive plan over the next year or two?
15:51 Aaron on competition in the VR space
16:33 How do you think about talent and partnerships?
20:39 Who influenced your desire for entrepreneurship?
23:39 How do you deal with the constant learning process of entrepreneurship?
27:47 How would you define the discipline of marketing?
31:53 What role does creativity play in your organization?
37:25 What advice do you have on pursuing your passion?

Audience questions
41:35 What are you failing at today that you need to be succeeding at tomorrow?
43:33 Aaron: Do you think VR will get to the level of Disney theme park rides?
44:28 Once you get someone’s attention, how do you close a sale?
46:47 What are your thoughts on competition?
50:02 How do you think about scale, and how has that changed?
52:31 How will Watson affect the longterm survival of your business?
54:41 When you think of IBM, what do you think of?

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