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Halftime helper: Will the locker room of the future be cognitive?

The average NFL halftime lasts only 12 minutes.That means coaches have a mere 720 seconds to digest thirty minutes of football, analyze the performance of dozens of players, assess the health of the injured, rehydrate their team, and make real-time adjustments to a game plan that took weeks to develop. Oh, and if they have […]

Avoiding Extinction: A behind-the-scenes view of companies’ digital transformation journeys

Digital transformation. You probably hear these words on a daily basis and are thinking, “More on digital transformation? Really?” But hear me out. Digital transformation isn’t the future; it’s the here and now. As a VP at a leading manufacturing company said, “If you do not have [digital transformation], you are out of the game. […]

Markets of one: After years of hyperbole, mass customization is finally within our grasp

We are, all of us, sitting on a gold mine. For the last three decades or so, we have been collecting a treasure trove of digital information on everything from changing weather patterns to the spread of infectious diseases. We have digitized the history of the world’s literature. We track and store the movements of […]

The role of big data in the election

We all know the role social media has played in this presidential election. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media tools have been aggressively deployed by the two campaigns and their supporters. But in the final stretch, it may be mastery of Big Data that will determine the next president of the United States. And […]

Upping their game: A glimpse of the next-generation in-stadium fan experience

It’s Sunday afternoon, halfway through the first quarter of the big game. All the yard work is done and I’m seated comfortably next to my son, food at our fingertips, phones in hand. We’re checking real-time fantasy stats, streaming games in other markets and watching highlights from across the league. It’s the way football was […]

How will we pay for the future of television?

Hint: The answer’s in the data. As the fall TV season kicks into gear, it’s time to take stock of the video entertainment industry. Live television viewership is sliding, cable subscriptions are dropping, and TV advertising is stagnant. People are watching more video than ever before, but just not the way they used to. Half […]

Data science education has to go broader to serve the next generation of tech talent

The global talent shortage for next generation technology has been well documented. McKinsey predicts that while the number of data scientist job openings in the U.S. will hit 490,000 by 2018, fewer than 200,000 data scientists will be available to fill those spots. And as more advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and cognitive computing start […]

Watson Goes To The US Open To Bring Fans Closer To The Tennis Action

In an article which appears on, Noah Syken, Vice President of Global Sponsorships and Client Executive Programs for IBM, describes how technology is bringing fans closer to the game at this year’s US Open. Tennis is, and always will be, about the intense competition between players on the court. But the information and technology […]

The Post-Pokémon Go Economy

What we learned about the potential of augmented reality and location-based gaming The fad phase of Pokémon Go may already be waning, but the wildly popular app has taught us enduring lessons about the power of augmented reality. Prior to the release of Pikachu and his Pokémon cohort into the world of mobile gaming, AR […]

Can cognitive computing help us re-imagine sports training and technique?

From our fingerprints to our irises to the very DNA that directs our growth and development, we are singular, solitary, unprecedented individuals. Why, then, does the world insist on training us all the same? We teach our school children using standardized curricula. Doctors ply their trade based on “best practices.” And we train our athletes […]

Golf and technology: Managing the delicate balance between tradition and transformation

Innovate or die. Disrupt or be disrupted. Only the paranoid survive. These are among the many terrifying business mantras of the Internet Age. They are the panicky, unnerving expressions of a generation that has known change to be the only constant. And they serve to remind us that success is difficult to achieve, and even […]

How brain science can transform our working lives

Book Review: How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb (Macmillan) If “how we spend our days is how we spend our lives,” as the poet Annie Dillard put it, then we’re in trouble. Though we’re working harder—the equivalent of an extra month a year—we’re less happy in our jobs. Such findings prompted executive […]