Wednesday, February 08: IBM THINK Leaders presents Digital Founders Panel — 2017 Kickoff Edition

Join us on Wednesday, February 8th from 7 – 9 pm for IBM THINK Leaders’ first event of the new year at Lifion by ADP! This 2017 kickoff event will feature a special Digital Founders Panel moderated by Robert Schwartz, Global Leader of Strategy & Design, IBM iX. The format will include 45 minutes of […]

Lisa Shalett, Startup Investor/Advisor, former Goldman Sachs Partner & Head of Brand Marketing & Digital Strategy

Lisa Shalett (former Goldman Sachs Partner and Head of Brand Marketing & Digital Strategy) talks to IBM’s Robert Schwartz (IBM Global Leader, Strategy & Design at IBM iX) about managing the Goldman Sachs brand and advising startups. Interview 0:00 Lisa’s unusual background in Japanese markets and compliance 5:35 Moving from compliance to marketing 7:36 Managing […]

EJ Achtner, Digital Banking Executive, Bank of America

EJ Achtner, Digital Banking Executive at Bank of America, sits with Robert Schwartz, Global Leader of Strategy and Design at IBM iX, at the Money 2020 conference in Las Vegas to discuss digital transformation in the banking industry. Introduction 0:00 EJ’s role: Synthesizing clients’ digital experiences 4:54 Bank of America’s empathy-driven client experience strategy 7:52 […]

Leland Maschmeyer, Chief Creative Officer, Chobani

Leland Maschmeyer, Chief Creative Officer at Chobani, talks to IBM’s Robert Schwartz about creatively building a brand in the highly commodified food industry. Introduction 0:00 Leland’s role at Chobani: Defining the role of a modern food company 3:53 Key components of rethinking a food company 7:08 Creativity in product development 9:21 The corporate character of […]

Patrick Ip, Business Innovation Lead, Google

“It’s more than just a product, it’s a story.” Patrick Ip, Google’s Business Innovation Lead, talks to IBM’s Robert Schwartz about developing and marketing around customer experience. Introduction 0:46 Google’s growing appreciation of customer service 2:14 The “story” paradigm of product design 4:15 Google’s research-and-debate process for product design 8:34 Successful marketing: selling the experience […]

Halftime helper: Will the locker room of the future be cognitive?

The average NFL halftime lasts only 12 minutes.That means coaches have a mere 720 seconds to digest thirty minutes of football, analyze the performance of dozens of players, assess the health of the injured, rehydrate their team, and make real-time adjustments to a game plan that took weeks to develop. Oh, and if they have […]

John Sheldon, SVP of Innovation Management, Mastercard

John Sheldon (SVP of Innovation Management, Mastercard) talks to IBM’s Robert Schwartz about running the Mastercard innovation lab as an incubator, integrator, and driver of financial inclusion. Introduction and John’s role at Mastercard 0:58 Defining innovation at Mastercard 2:11 Guiding the payment form factor and “experiences over things” 4:26 The innovation lab as incubator 6:58 […]

Jeff Schultz, Executive Managing Director – Industries, Box Inc., & Jade McQueen, Managing Director, Media & Entertainment, Box Inc.

Jeff Schultz (Executive Managing Director, Industries, Box Inc.) and Jade McQueen (Managing Director, Media & Entertainment, Box Inc.) talk to IBM’s Robert Schwartz about orienting around client goals, turning use cases into features, and treating competitors as frenemies. Introduction 0:28 Jeff’s background and role at Box 1:59 Jade’s background and role at Box 4:01 Going […]

Digital Founders Panel, October 2016

IBM’s Robert Schwartz talks about entrepreneurship, creativity, marketing, and finding talent with a panel of digital founders: Ita Ekpoudom, Founder and CEO, Tigress Ventures Josie Hines, COO and co-founder, Art Frankly Aaron Nicholson, co-founder, Studio Transcendent Introduction 0:55 Panelist introductions 3:55 Aaron: AR/VR tech adoption “won’t be as viral” as mobile and social 9:03 What […]

Fernando Gonzalez, CEO, CEMEX

Cemex CEO Fernando Gonzalez talks to IBM’s Robert Schwartz about the digital transformation process: setting goals, maintaining the narrative, and engaging partners. Introduction 1:40 Digital transformation focused on the market 5:05 Opening customers to new offerings by providing basic services first 8:19 Why this is the time for digital transformation 9:50 Where Cemex is in […]

THINK Pod with Chobani’s Leland Maschmeyer: Turn Their Brains Into Silly Putty

Chobani Chief Creative Officer Leland Maschmeyer talks to IBM’s Robert Schwartz about distilling creative processes into business-ready design thinking. Theme music by Andrew Atkin & Michael Simonelli of Full Stop Art.

Kirsten Corio, Managing Director, Ticketing & Digital Strategy, USTA

At the lab, Kirsten Corio (Managing Director, Ticketing & Digital Strategy at USTA) and Noah Syken (VP Global Sponsorships, Sports and Entertainment and Client Programs at IBM) talk to Robert Schwartz (IBM Global Leader, Strategy & Design at IBM iX) about sports-event marketing and promoting the US Open experience with social, mobile, and emerging […]