Who do you trust with your IT security?

By | 2 minute read | March 13, 2018

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Security is a word that’s used to cover many aspects of IT, and it’s a top concern for organizations today, but there’s another important word related to the vendors of IT security products and solutions that safeguard your business: trust.

Securing your business data and applications from malicious access or tampering rests on trust in your security solution and services vendor.

A little history

IBM has been a reliable and trusted vendor for on-premises business IT for more than 100 years and is still going strong with IBM Cloud and a range of hybrid cloud solutions.

IBM’s leadership and its holistic approach to IT security — both on premises and in the cloud — continue to this day, with relentless innovation. It has produced breakthroughs like the new IBM Z mainframe’s pervasive encryption of data associated with any application, cloud service or database.

In fact, IBM products and research on encryption trace back to the 1960s, when IBM Chairman Thomas J. Watson Jr. set up a cryptography research group and developed the first-ever Data Encryption Standard (DES) for the United States — and the world would soon follow.

Bringing security expertise to your business

IBM Systems Lab Services works closely with IBM Systems product development.  It is our goal to help clients make optimal use of their IT infrastructure, ensure business value and take full advantage of the built-in security features of their IBM Power Systems, IBM Z and IBM Storage and Software-Defined Infrastructure solutions.

As leading experts on IBM infrastructure, we recommend a top-down approach to security, starting with a security policy strategy and technical review. A top-down approach begins with reviewing your current security policy and technical implementation, and then identifying opportunities for security improvements and benchmarks with industry leaders. A review of your security policy strategy and technical implementation ordinarily includes an actionable security roadmap, including immediate gap closure actions and projects for further enhancements.

Some clients, however, like to take a bottom-up approach. This begins with reviewing your technical implementation at the server and application level and working up through the levels of your infrastructure.

Whether you take a top-down or bottom-up approach, IBM Systems Lab Services can help, providing assessment, analysis and customization as well as knowledge transfer to your security team.

Some of our clients like to get started with an IBM Systems Lab Services security assessment for IBM hardware infrastucture to understand their immediate gaps and plan their security hardening roadmap. We offer workshops such as:

  • Security policy strategy and technical implementation review
  • IBM PowerSC Standard Edition security and compliance enablement
  • IBM PowerSC MFA multi-factor authentication enablement
  • SAP HANA on Power infrastructure security with SLES or RHEL security assessment
  • Enterprise Power Systems security healthcheck assessment
  • IBM AIX, Linux on Power, IBM i, IBM Z security assessment
  • Patch Management with IBM PowerSC and IBM BigFix for AIX Enterprise Edition
  • Centralized user identity management and integration enablement

Contact us at IBM Systems Lab Services to get started, or contact your IBM and IBM Business Partner representatives, and please reference this article.

For more information

Lab Services helps clients assess security and compliance practices and procedures across multiple operating systems, identifying any exposures, recommending the adoption of best practices, and, if necessary, advising on or performing remediation. For more details, please also see: