Where to find unrivaled IBM i performance expertise

By | 2 minute read | July 2, 2019

You have options when it comes to getting help with a performance problem on IBM i. If it’s an IBM product issue, you turn to IBM Support. But who else can provide comprehensive support that includes access to all of IBM’s resources for difficult problems? IBM Systems Lab Services.

Beyond support problems, IBM Systems Lab Services’ IBM i performance team of experts and their extensive network of contacts is ready to address your performance challenges.

What sets Lab Services apart?

We have a large team of experts, many of whom have come out of the IBM Rochester development lab and do performance analysis full time — and have done so since we called it the AS/400! Our experts work with clients all around the world, in numerous languages. We have access to and leverage internal documentation from hundreds of potentially similar issues other clients have seen over the years. If you previously opened a PMR (problem management record), we have access to it and any internal discussion with development. We can talk directly to the PMR owner to get a running start on your problem.

Is your performance problem related to memory usage? High CPU utilization? Slow I/O? Network? Database? Java? RPG? Virtual I/O Server (VIOS)? Regardless of what it is, the IBM i Lab Services performance team can help. We differentiate ourselves yet again with our end-to-end IBM i performance skills.

The results are evident

The potential gains of working with IBM i performance experts can be dramatic, as demonstrated by a small sampling of our recent engagements:

  • A one-third reduction in CPU requirements for a large bank in Europe
  • A five-hour reduction in batch run time for a US based industrial client
  • Resolution of ongoing bi-monthly severe impacts to a business for a financial company in South America

Performance problems on IBM i often involve application design issues, database design and architecture issues, security configuration, and availability impacts. The Lab Services IBM i team works closely with experts in all these areas. We also have access to teams responsible for the OS component or part of Db2 that’s being affected by the problem. Our tight connection to the IBM development labs gives us the opportunity to deliver feedback to the IBM development team about improvements that can be made in the IBM i operating system or in Db2 to help you and other clients like you.

Skills enablement is integral

A typical successful outcome of a Lab Services–led IBM i performance engagement is not only that your problem is solved but that you and your IT team have a better understanding of the tools available and the skills needed to do more on your own the next time. And if you want even more knowledge, our experts can deliver IBM i performance workshops with extensive hands-on learning.

Contact us today

With all these benefits and more, who are you going to call for performance expertise? I suggest IBM Systems Lab Services. We offer infrastructure services to help organizations build the foundation of a smart enterprise. With IBM Power Systems and software, Lab Services can help you deploy the building blocks of a next-generation IT infrastructure that empowers your business. Contact us today.