What’s the worst holiday gift for an IT pro?

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year–a time for vacation, spending time with loved ones, online shopping and giving thoughtful gifts. For IT teams across the globe, it’s a time when the performance of their applications, mobile websites, networks and technology is of utmost importance. Any service interruptions have the potential to cause public backlash and serious harm to revenue. Not only that, those IT issues can interrupt the holidays for IT professionals and cause major stress for senior executives.

Did you do a lot of online shopping on Black Friday? According to the IBM Watson Trend report, online retail sales grew by double digits and shopping with mobile devices grew by 50 percent in 2015. If any of those retailers experienced outages in the midst of their holiday sales, it would be in the news and all over social media. For several retailers, website outages and application latency did cause major damage to their revenue and reputation. Networks crashed, websites couldn’t keep up with traffic, online payment systems glitched and servers failed. What a terrible gift for those IT pros trying to enjoy a long Thanksgiving weekend.

Throughout December, we’re discussing ITSM holiday horror stories on our social media channels with the hashtag #ITSMwishes. We invite you to share the issues that have interrupted your holidays this year, and in previous years. Read about all of the crazy and unfortunate situations that other IT professionals have experienced that interrupted their holidays. What’s the worst gift your IT team could receive this holiday season? We’d love to hear it on Twitter or in the comments below!

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Luckily for IT service management professionals, solutions already exist to prevent these issues before they impact customers, and they can resolve issues faster than ever. IBM has solutions to help ensure your applications run smoothly, transactions process correctly, networks deliver services as planned and IT operations stay problem-free. Our solutions for applications, infrastructure and IT operations management are helping customers across the globe ensure nothing bad happens during this wonderful time of year. You see, when nothing happens, it’s a sign of a job well done for IT teams and a sign of ITSM solutions that work.

We hope you have a stress-free holiday season and enjoy every moment of free time with family and friends. If your current ITSM solutions aren’t giving you the gift of nothing bad happening, then we invite you to learn about IBM ITSM solutions that will help make your 2016 run much more smoothly.

Happy Holidays from the IBM IT service management family. We look forward to reading your #ITSMwishes on Twitter!

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