Upcoming video chat: Turning your business prospects into diehard fans

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Last year, tennis fans from around the world sent over 5.2 million tweets during the Australian Open, and they used IBM’s data technologies to keep up with the latest scores, stats and player insights. On January 18th, dedicated tennis fans will be watching as the Australian Open kicks off the 2016 sports season. Being a fan is more than the number of wins or championship titles (trust me, I’m a Detroit Lions fan)—it’s about the experience and the comradery with fellow fans. It’s about being engaged with something bigger than yourself.

IBM has made headlines for powering the ultimate fan experience for major sporting events, including professional tennis (like the Australian Open), golf and soccer. A way to seamlessly connect and personalize unique experiences for unprecedented fan engagement has been developed. Your business isn’t a sport, but your goal is similar: utilize analytics to create a highly personalized experience. How can you make this happen?

Tune in to our Google Hangout video chat LIVE on January 14th at 4:00 pm EST and find out from the experts how you can build an application that uses sentiment analytics to turn your business prospects into diehard fans. Here are the experts who will be a part of the conversation:

Nik McCrory, IBM New Technology Architect

Christopher Kalamaras, Technical Webmaster, Technology Innovation and Automation
Aaron Baughman, Master Inventor, Technology Innovation and Automation
Michael Branson, Bluemix Streaming Analytics Architect
Brian O’Connell, Master Inventor, Technology Innovation and Automation
Daniel Berg, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Cloud Foundation Services & DevOps

These experts will also discuss dynamic offerings based on weather and location, as well as how to pull in historical transaction data to optimize engagement. They will also cover several IBM Bluemix offerings available to you that can help you easily and rapidly create a complete and continuous experience around sentiment analysis.

Some of the questions the experts will answer include:

  • Which services did you use to create the ultimate fan experience?
  • Describe how other industries are using applications that capture and use social data.
  • Describe how sentiment analysis can be used to create the ultimate customer experience.
  • How do developers get started with Bluemix?
  • How do I get started with sentiment analysis?

Have a question that’s not listed? Join the conversation! Tweet your questions on Twitter using the hashtag #IBMSysChat and we will answer it live.

Check it out now:

Or sign up for a 30-day trial of IBM Bluemix and see for yourself how IBM WebSphere Application Server (available here), IBM UrbanCode, IBM Streaming Analytics and more work together to create the ultimate fan experience.

Content Marketing Manager, IBM

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