Tape and virtual tape storage

Flash + tape = Intelligent data management

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Today’s business climate is an always-on world. Due to the ever-increasing growth of information, the phrase oceans of data attempts to quantify the infinite amount of data in the marketplace. While some organizations view oceans of data as a challenge, there is also an opportunity to take advantage of the breadth and depth of information ...read more

Flash, mainframe and tape synergy win the race

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Designing, building and driving a high-powered race car can actually teach us a lot about why IBM DS8888, IBM z Systems and tape are a very powerful combination. In the 21st century, data has become a very valuable resource for business, and in fact for car racing as well. Take Formula One racing for example. ...read more

The Big Bang means big data with infrastructure storage

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From nothingness to sudden, explosive existence—the Big Bang is a widely accepted and well-tested scientific theory. However, there are periods of time that are still a mystery and many questions left to answer. How are galaxies formed and how do they evolve? Are we alone in the universe? Astronomers around the world are hoping to ...read more

Managing data growth with tape storage

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Until recently, the rate of digital technology evolution often referred to as Moore’s law essentially kept pace with the growth rate of data. Processors and storage became more powerful and less expensive about as quickly as the volume and velocity of data increased. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and social ...read more

Do we have a visionary perspective?

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Here’s an old photo of a cluttered desk: Courtesy: Life Magazine, 1955 On its own, it’s nothing. Boring even. But, when we learn it was Albert Einstein’s desk, we may suddenly become intrigued by how such a productive and intelligent man could work amongst such a mess. Or, we can look at it from a ...read more

The economics of large-scale data protection

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When business resiliency is your business, rock solid data recovery is a must. My colleagues and I at IBM Resiliency Services design data protection and recovery solutions that run millions of backups per month for organizations of all sizes and industries. We use all the popular brands of backup software, deduplication appliances and tape systems ...read more

Enhancing the performance and security of IBM TS7700 data replication

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Few events can have a stronger adverse business impact than an IT outage. Even worse is the negative publicity that such events often generate in today’s “always connected” news media world. The potential revenue loss from an outage and the damage to a company’s reputation can be costly. From finance, healthcare, transportation and retail to ...read more

Need more flash? Fund it with tape

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Whether you are a retail business analyzing consumer data generated on social media channels, an entertainment institute that archives digital assets, a life science company dealing with HIPAA and government regulations or a managed service provider (MSP) that offers cloud services–you are all dealing with big data. You have to build the right strategy to ...read more