Software defined infrastructure

Goldilocks finds that secure cloud bursting is just right

In the world of IT, it is difficult to accomplish the Goldilocks balance of getting things “just right,” rather than having too few computing resources or too many. It’s easy to say you can never have too much compute power, but the reality is that there is always a tradeoff and any money saved on […]

IBM and Red Bull Racing together in 2017

Formula One is an incredibly fast-moving sport. So is the speed of innovation. Fast, highly accurate data-driven decision making, from design and development processes right through to on-track performance, is critical for success. The Red Bull Racing Formula One Team eagerly prepares for the first race of the season with 52 race wins, 8 World […]

An ocean of possibilities with VersaStack

What lies just beneath the surface often surprises you. For example, on its surface, the recently announced VersaStack for Hybrid Cloud is a powerful new solution for deploying both converged infrastructure and hybrid cloud resources all within one platform. That in itself is remarkable. But dive into VersaStack on one of the award-winning IBM FlashSystem […]

A spectrum of healthcare benefits

In terms of its impact on our lives, perhaps no industry benefits more from the information revolution than healthcare. To achieve the outcomes we want, healthcare leverages 21st century information technology: Big data analytics, mobile and social platforms, unstructured data from thousands of clinical sensors, cognitive solutions such as those provided by IBM Watson and […]

Train your AI, feed your head

Machine learning.  Deep learning.  AI, or artificial intelligence.  Since I read the book The Computer and the Brain written by the mathematician John von Neumann, comparisons between the human brain and computers have always fascinated me.  Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear about the promise of AI, and how it will help […]

IBM Storage in action at HIMSS17

Today, many healthcare enterprises find themselves dealing with too much data, delivering too little insight. And as we move forward, the challenge will grow. By 2020, it’s estimated that the amount of medical knowledge available to us will double every 73 days, and doctors may have to tackle 200 times the amount of medical data […]

Automated data dynamics in hybrid clouds at InterConnect 2017

IBM is devoting an entire track and two keynotes at IBM InterConnect 2017—March 19–23, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada—tailored specifically to storage technology and the intelligence behind hybrid cloud infrastructure. Why are hybrid clouds becoming so desirable for organizations that need agile, flexible and reliable infrastructure for demanding, data-intensive workloads? The answer is the rapid […]

Celebrating a family of software-defined storage leaders

Software-defined storage (SDS) is a solution that separates storage intelligence from the underlying infrastructure. It is intended to enable optimal hardware flexibility as applications interact only with the software, potentially creating many cost and deployment advantages. With SDS driving substantial savings in CAPEX, OPEX and operational manpower needs, enterprises of all types and sizes are […]

Why financial services today need IBM Storage

If data is that critical to the success of business decisions, then storage is the foundation of cognitive strategy and hybrid cloud is the platform for which cognitive solutions are built. Every building begins with a solid foundation. IBM Storage solutions are part of that solid foundation that will help drive success in your journey […]