What is your IBM Systems innovation destination?

The sailboats sweep across the harbor, commuter ferries and water taxis drift by, the “T” subway and buses run like clockwork and cabbies and app drivers speed around the historic city of Boston. All have destinations. Having a destination implies a beginning and an end. I would argue that most goals or projects in IT […]

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Improv and IT: A recipe for success

My kind of town… Chicago is where I landed for my next appearance at an IBMTechU Comes to You event. As a New Yorker originally from the Chicago ‘burbs, I immediately made a beeline for my favorite Chicago hot dog and Italian beef restaurant, then found my way to the historical and factoid-filled Palmer House […]

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Trust is the new currency in the digital economy

Learn how digital trust can help you outperform your competition by 300%

IBM Z mainframes

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Join us at Think 2019, where the issues of tomorrow meet the greatest IT minds of today.

IBM technical events and a “non-techie” – curiosity matters!

Curiosity matters at events, especially at technical training opportunities. But that doesn’t mean technical events are only for data scientists, engineers or developers. Join me on a recent day at IBMTechU Comes to You event in San Francisco, California and get a glimpse of what awaits at our hands-on IBM technical events. Can non-techies attend […]

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IBM Power Systems job board opens the door to opportunity

For many colleges and universities, Spring generally marks the time of year for commencement ceremonies. For graduates, it can also signify the start of their job search. Thus, this is the perfect time to shine the spotlight on two valuable resources available to IBM Power Systems Academic Initiative (PSAI) members: a job board for entry-level […]

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Four big benefits of software-defined storage

Software-defined storage is helping clients across a variety of industries manage their data. It can help your company too. A recent eWeek article debunked some common myths surrounding software-defined storage, showing how misunderstood this technology continues to be. There are some big benefits to be had, though, so it’s important to understand the role software-defined […]

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Didn’t win Powerball? Here’s an investment that pays off!

If you listened sadly as your numbers were not called at the recent USD $1.5 billion Powerball lottery, don’t despair. The odds of winning were a daunting 1 in 292 million! But if you’re looking for an investment that always pays off, you can’t beat investing in your skills development. With the explosion of disruptive […]

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IBM connects the mainframe to mobile apps with centers of competency

The advent of the smartphone has fundamentally changed the world around us. In the past 10 years, the number of mobile transactions per day per mobile user has grown from one to 37, according to Rubin Worldwide. That number could climb to 200 by 2025, resulting in 400 billion global user transactions per day. To […]

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