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Update Your skills at IBM Tech University 2019

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Given the breadth and pace of business technology innovation, some IT teams are already experiencing a skills shortage, putting further pressure on their organizations. Why is this issue top-of-mind for CIOs and CTOs? Harnessing the most current IT skills are a strategic priority. Plus, there have been numerous reports of a growing IT skills gap more

Five important considerations for HPC deployments

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Architecting superior high-performance computing (HPC) clusters requires a holistic approach that responds to performance at every level of the deployment. HPC workloads put massive computational demands on your infrastructure: they involve analyzing huge data sets to solve complex problems, and that means they require supercomputing capabilities. In short, there are many facets to the HPC more

Cognitive systems: Linking the unimaginable to the imaginable

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In today’s world, many of us wonder about the effects of cognitive technology on our reality as well as its potential impact on the future.  Others have had similar musings on what’s possible.  Between 1899 & 1910 a group of French artists, including Jean-Marc Côté, depicted a vision of what the world would look like more

IBM’s Product Environmental Stewardship Program

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Climate change, global warming, greenhouse gases, ozone depleting substances, lead contamination – these are phrases we hear all the time in the news. Each of us are trying to complete our piece of the puzzle for a better environment, but what should manufacturers do when designing their products? At IBM Systems, we have had a more

Inside the Client Centers pt. 2: The personal touch

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In part 1 of our “Inside the Client Centers” series, we explored the expertise available inside IBM Client Centers across the world, and introduced you to our engineers, architects and inventors busy introducing the latest products and offerings to clients. As a program manager at the Client Center in Poughkeepsie, I see many clients from more

IBM connects the mainframe to mobile apps with centers of competency

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The advent of the smartphone has fundamentally changed the world around us. In the past 10 years, the number of mobile transactions per day per mobile user has grown from one to 37, according to Rubin Worldwide. That number could climb to 200 by 2025, resulting in 400 billion global user transactions per day. To more