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IBM Z: The banking platform for the future

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I’ve talked with many banking executives about how their business is changing and what they need to do to compete in this dynamic and turbulent marketplace. Maintaining trust with clients is core. The financial services sector had 65 percent more cybercrime attacks than average, based on an analysis of security incidents from 2016. In this more

People: The secret sauce in IBM Z

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The secret to the IBM Z mainframe’s success might not be immediately apparent. But look behind its groundbreaking features and you’ll find a global network of collaboration, from system developers in Poughkeepsie, New York, to board designers in Böeblingen, Germany. They are working directly with our clients to ensure that critical requirements are being captured. more

Accelerate business insights on IBM Z

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Competitive advantage today is based on immediate insight, trusted relationships and the ability to move with speed to engage with clients across multiple channels. To meet these goals, IBM recently introduced the IBM® z14™, the next generation of the world’s most powerful transaction system. It is capable of running more than 12 billion encrypted transactions more

An application development secret “too good to be true”

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We are all familiar with the phrase “Too good to be true”. We’ve all seen the latest workout fad that promises six-pack abs and chiseled muscles from head-to-toe in just 10 weeks. We’ve all seen claims of working from home a few hours a day and making millions of dollars every year. What about those stock trading systems that promise you more

Mainframe reinvention: a digital growth catalyst

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What if your organization could sharpen its competitive edge? What if your enterprise could shift industry trends in its favor by leveraging existing IT infrastructure? What if your company’s experts could foresee a compelling new customer experience, then quickly develop and deploy an online solution that’s ahead of your peer group? Today, across numerous industries, more

Operational excellence through open ecosystems

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What are the biggest concerns that we hear from our mainframe customers? In the IT world, this seems to boil down to two seemingly simple words: Operational excellence. Achieving operational excellence comes down to three primary factors – managing costs, mitigating risks and providing the agility to react to the needs of the business. Understanding more

How gravity can help your business move faster

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The world of physics has long operated under the concept of gravity–the larger the mass of an object, the stronger the force pulling it toward Earth’s center. Those who understand and respect gravity find ways to move objects with less energy. Those who ignore gravity… well, they waste a lot of energy and see their more

6 things you will learn about the connected economy: New research from Harvard Business Review

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How can you achieve double-digit growth in the connected economy (CE)? Learning the answer to that question is just one of the six vital reasons to join me on Thursday 16 June 2016, for “Competing in the Connected Economy,” a Harvard Business Review live webinar and event. If you missed it, we have a link more

Attracting millennials to the mainframe–Developer interview part 1

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As with most mainframe development shops, I have an aging workforce. But the Perth, Australia team working on the IBM Problem Determination Tools for z/OS are all recent university graduates, part of a program we call zVitality that brings in new talent. These millennial developers have done a fantastic job of driving new ideas to more