The hybrid face of future transaction processing

Transaction processing is considered by many a very dusty topic. Maybe it is, but it runs the business, and many organizations realize that. They recognize that their transaction processing capability provides a distinguishing business value and hence a key competitive advantage. In this blog post I will look at transaction processing systems and examine technology […]

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MythBusters: You Can’t Do Analytics on the Mainframe! Episode II

Let’s face it: decades-old myths die hard. The team at MythBusters gets an hour to make their case; there’s no way I can completely bust this myth in a couple hundred–word blog. But I can introduce you to some new ways of thinking, and if you follow up on these threads I bet you’ll eventually […]

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After the Fact is Not Good Enough

A few months ago my debit card was skimmed (that is, copied illegally) at an airport in the US. While in transit from Amsterdam to North Carolina, I had withdrawn a sum of US dollars from my account at an ATM in the airport hall. A day and a half later my bank in the […]

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MythBusters: You Can’t Do Analytics on the Mainframe! Episode I

I’ve always been a big fan of the American television show MythBusters – where scientific methods are used to prove or bust all sorts of myths and urban legends.  One of the myths that I’d love to see Adam, Jamie and the team tackle is this: “you can’t do analytics on the mainframe.”  While it probably […]

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Are You the Keymaster? Yes, Actually, I Am

Have you ever lost or misplaced a set of keys?  Be honest!  Well if you’re like me the answer is “yes,” and in addition to being annoyed over the loss you probably experienced some level of anxiety over having strangers potentially accessing your stuff.  Most of us routinely use and go to great lengths to […]

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A Data Center Conundrum: Low Server Utilization Wastes Energy

I’m an avid NY Giants fan, living in the deep cold of Minnesota Vikings territory.  And, I love using my DVR for instant replay and recording all the big games.  Still, my DVR sits unused most of the time, all the while consuming electricity. (In fact, the National Resources Defense Council estimates that US consumers […]

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Smarter Computing: Tomorrow Ready

In the past few years, we have seen many clients embrace the opportunities that a Smarter Planet creates — the world is undeniably instrumented, intelligent and interconnected — and this is changing how the systems of the world work. According to the 2012 IBM Global CEO study, CEOs identified technology as the most important external […]

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Ensuring Growth with zEnterprise EC12

It has been an exciting two years working towards the launch of the new zEnterprise EC12. More than ever, we are listening to and helping our clients meet their IT requirements to ensure they have the right platform in place to grow and succeed. The new zEC12 comes with the fastest chip in the industry. […]

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SMP Interconnect Fabric — Simpler, Faster, Smarter Scalability

Scale service levels rapidly for a better business outcome One of the key questions IT leaders are asking today is this: “How scalable will my services be — and what do I need to do to maximize scalability for particularly dynamic services?” In large part, this is because business requirements and customer interests both change […]

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