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IBM Blockchain on IBM z Systems: Streamlining business processes

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The concept behind blockchain technology borrows from the age-old business practice of using ledgers to record transactions. In the case of blockchain, the parties have a replicated electronic ledger. Each party can access their authorized data on those replicated ledgers. Blockchain could lead to sweeping changes in our economy when implemented along with modern technology. ...read more

IBM Enhances LinuxONE for Hybrid Cloud Environments

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Today IBM has announced new technology features and collaborations for its LinuxONE family of high-performance Linux systems. The enhancements will enable organizations of all sizes to develop, deploy and manage applications for the cloud simply and efficiently with robust security. IBM LinuxONE gives clients the choice they desire with the consistency they need in the ...read more

Best fit deployment using open standards

Hybrid cloud, Mainframes, Servers

Recently, I have been spending quite some time with “non z” clients—line of business folks, non-z application developers, distributed IT teams—discussing the role of z in their cloud strategy. These are interesting discussions, ranging from “I didn’t know the mainframe has anything to do with cloud,” to “When are you guys going to have a ...read more