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Watson, cognitive computing and the insight economy

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We build our tools and machines to do certain things better than we can. What started as clubs, knives and wheels eventually evolved into the Industrial Revolution and then into the Information Age. Our tools and machines have extended our capabilities exponentially, first taking on much of the brute force physical work and then much ...read more

OpenPOWER Momentum advances 2015-16 Innov8 with POWER8 Challenge

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Author: Terri Virnig, VP of Power Ecosystem and Strategy For years I have had the privilege of engaging with university students, witnessing how IBM’s POWER8 technology is helping to train tomorrow’s IT innovators. Having seen the enthusiasm and skill introduced by the Power Systems Academic Initiative first hand, last year I decided we should introduce ...read more

Revved Up RPG from the Power Systems Academic Initiative

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Is your college teaching RPG? If not, consider making this enterprise computing language part of your curriculum with a brand new student level RPG course now available through the IBM Power Systems Academic Initiative (PSAI). Like all PSAI materials and resources, the new course titled “Programming in ILE RPG” is offered at no charge to ...read more

Site Ox takes cloud services to new heights with IBM Power Systems

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Here at Site Ox, we don’t really differentiate between different types of cloud. What is classed as “cloud” could be internal, in a remote data center, in a third-party data center or in SoftLayer—it’s all just cloud computing services to us. One size doesn’t fit all In today’s market, businesses aren’t looking for compute services. ...read more

Key Information Systems tackles cloud demands with IBM Power Systems

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At Key Information Systems Inc. (KeyInfo), almost all the opportunities we’re working on today, and the conversations we’re having with clients, are in relation to hybrid cloud. Businesses are looking to get the right combination of services to meet their needs within whatever constraints they have around security, cost, performance and so on. We are ...read more

Introducing the all new Power Systems LC Line of servers

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In a world awash in data, the way that companies engage with their customers has forever changed. Where companies used to rely on telephone customer service centers and antique suggestion boxes, they are now inundated with data of all kinds, from multiple sources and devices, requiring different responses. How companies ingest, mine, manage and leverage ...read more

How do you build a system of insight?

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Three months ago, IBM announced a major investment in Apache Spark, committing thousands of researchers to the future development of what has been called the most important open source project in a decade being defined by data. Spark builds on the recent advances in big data acquisition, placement and computation to accelerate large scale data processing, ...read more

Bringing SAP HANA to a true enterprise-class platform

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Today, SAP announced the availability of its HANA in-memory database technology on IBM Power Systems across the entire POWER8 portfolio. In addition to being a valuable extension of our long-time partnership, SAP HANA on Power represents continued momentum for in-memory analytics and exciting news for our joint clients in the market. SAP HANA will now be available ...read more

OpenPOWER for HPC and big data analytics data centers


Big data analytics, machine learning and deep learning are among the most rapidly growing workloads in the data center. These workloads have the compute performance requirements of traditional technical computing or high performance computing (HPC), coupled with a much larger volume and velocity of data. Conventional data center architectures have not kept up with the needs for ...read more