Power servers

IBM & Cisco collaborate to enhance cloud deployments

Power Systems deliver software-defined technologies in the cloud with Cisco ACI Building on IBM and Cisco’s longstanding relationship, our collaborations are deepening to help ensure ease of use for our customers using IBM Power Systems and Cisco ACI. This collaborative effort will give clients access to leading-edge innovations in hardware infrastructure with the simplicity and […]

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Is open innovation the future of your business?

A growing percentage of enterprise IT shops will be implementing open technologies over the next two to five years here in China as in other parts of the world. Why? Businesses want to respond to their customers in a faster, more agile way. By taking advantage of open technology, you can put new solutions and […]

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Tweets by IBM Systems

Trust is the new currency in the digital economy

Learn how digital trust can help you outperform your competition by 300%

IBM Z mainframes

The foundation of trusted digital experiences

Join us at Think 2019, where the issues of tomorrow meet the greatest IT minds of today.

The race to modernize the enterprise database

At IBM Edge 2016 last week, I connected with IT leaders who are running into the limitations of their existing, aging data infrastructure.  In some cases, they have outdated systems that haven’t kept pace with modern data center requirements and are becoming too expensive for them to maintain.  In others, they run into intractable limitations […]

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IBM Power Systems fundamentals for high schoolers

With another academic year getting under way, many parents of high school students will be attending a much anticipated “Back to School Night” in their local school districts.  It’s the perfect time to meet your child’s teachers, hear about the curriculum and get to know other families in the community.  It’s also an ideal time […]

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What does cloud mean for IBM Power Systems?

The cloud has been a constant topic in today’s industry with new cloud options available — but how does it affect IBM Power Systems? Moreover, how can Power stay unique in this ever-changing environment? The Power Enterprise Systems for cloud are the newest cloud offerings from Power Systems, and they are designed to accomplish three […]

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Day one at IBM Edge 2016: Acceleration and innovation in Las Vegas

Edge 2016 started off with a bang as thousands of excited attendees arrived for the world’s premier IT infrastructure conference! After arriving in Las Vegas on Sunday, I headed to the registration booth to get my badge and a map from one of the volunteers. Then, it was on to exploring. I was blown away […]

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Two elephants: Hortonworks and IBM

I have a two-year-old son at home. Wait, no — he’s almost three.  Wow, that happened FAST. Anyway, I have a young son, and one of the rituals we both look forward to every night is story time.  We have fairy tale books, books about farm animals, books about letters and numbers and colors.  But, […]

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IBM Power Systems unveils new systems and services for the cloud

In today’s market, industries are going through massive transformation as software and cloud services enable businesses to accelerate value delivered to customers.  In response to this opportunity, companies are often turning to some form of cloud computing to help them be more agile and responsive. Cloud has fundamentally changed the way we access and consume […]

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Go live faster with SAP HANA on Power Systems

Ever since SAP announced support of HANA on IBM Power Systems in the middle of 2015, more than 250 clients have selected IBM POWER8 as their platform for current and future SAP HANA projects. Their feedback has been fantastic and the message of Power Systems providing the most flexible, resilient and best-performing platform for SAP […]

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