Exploring new frontiers with IBM zEnterprise

When I was a young boy the new frontier was space. The race to explore the unknown inspired countries all over the world to compete to successfully launch and safely return the first manned space mission to the moon. The “Space Race,” as it was called, captivated the entire world. I watched—along with the rest […]

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Fifteen things you need to know about IBM zEnterprise EC12

I have a special interest in palaeontology, an area of science that focuses on prehistoric life. Since I was a kid I have been studying about dinosaurs, but unfortunately these giant animals became extinct 65 million years ago. I am no longer a kid but animated movies like Ice Age still catch my attention. As […]

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Are you certified or certifiable? I may be (partially) to blame.

A certification is the objective, external verification of the ability to perform a collection of tasks/activities critical to a job role. (IBM) Many professions require practitioners to be certified—often by passing a written exam. In information technology there are many, many types of professional certifications offered by industry groups as well as product vendors (IBM […]

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I’ve seen the future, and it runs in a software-defined environment – Part 2

In the first part of this series, I interviewed Jeff Frey, an IBM Fellow and Chief Technology Officer of the System z platform, about the software-defined environment (SDE), what it is and how it can help. In this second part, we dive deeper into the SDE conversation. How does SDE relate to cloud computing? I have some background in cloud […]

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Oh no, the system’s down! Where’s the emergency runbook?

In his blog post “What would happen if Godzilla visited your city?” my colleague Paul DiMarzio discussed how city operations can benefit from IBM’s Smarter Cities initiative. Here I would like to look at what would happen if Godzilla visited your data center. The impact of disasters on organizations increases as organizations become more interconnected, […]

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I’ve seen the future, and it runs in a software-defined environment – Part 1

During the latter half of my career I’ve spent a lot of time working with disruptive application technologies, so I know firsthand just how dynamic and unpredictable new business workloads can be from the perspective of infrastructure utilization. Yet, IT staffs are mainly trying to support this new breed of applications with data center technologies, […]

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How many words beginning with V does it take to change a light bulb?

I don’t know—that would be a rather silly joke! But since I have your attention, how about we explore the question I really had in mind: how many words beginning with V does it take to describe the characteristics of data? Recently I wrote a blog post that discussed big data and its role in […]

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Sicoob supports growth with robust, secure and efficient mainframe technology

Think back on the things you did last week. For most of us, that list probably includes grocery shopping, watching a little TV and doing some banking. Now think: how many of those things did you do online? The further internet connectivity extends around the globe, the higher our expectations of e-commerce are becoming. This […]

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When does 00100011 change from data to #bigdata?

Unless you’ve chosen to live your life completely off the grid, Ted Kaczynski-style (the fact that you’re reading this blog entry negates that possibility!), someone, somewhere, is using big data technology to try and understand more about you. It may be a retailer looking to give you a better customer experience; a campaign staff using […]

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