Support always-on services with IBM z Systems

In today’s hyperconnected world, it’s no longer enough to have a digital presence like a mobile channel or e-commerce website. The extra mile to strive for is interactive engagement at a cognitive level through bi-directional communication and always-on services. This type of engagement should be achievable no matter what the preferred medium is, whether face-to-face, […]

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Differentiating your business in the cognitive computing era

“Data will be your basis of competitive advantage.” – Ginni Rometty, President and CEO, IBM These are exciting times for enterprise systems and clients alike. As the virtualization and Linux product manager working on IBM z Systems, I tip my hat to IBM z System’s steadfast performance and longevity that has lasted decades. What has […]

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Trust is the new currency in the digital economy

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IBM Z mainframes

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SUSE offers elastic pricing for Enterprise Linux on LinuxONE

The push for customized offerings is found everywhere in the business world, especially in the IT systems that underpin organizations. Companies want to choose the resources that best meet their needs, and they want to make the most of their IT spending on those resources. When we launched IBM LinuxONE in August, providing companies a […]

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Live or let die: Why mainframe shops need to step up their game

Digital transformation is here—Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Security and Social, also referred to as CAMSS. But what does it mean to us mainframe shops? Is it an opportunity to save the day, or a path to become marginalized? That is 100% up to you and here is why. The good news: CAMSS puts new requirements on […]

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Password security: the value of longer passwords

One of the most significant challenges in security is getting people to actually care about security. It’s no secret that while we in the security community like to talk about risk, vulnerabilities, countermeasures, and the like, we sometimes lose track of the fact that the users of our carefully crafted information systems have been, are, […]

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When hybrid cloud is your one cloud

How do you ensure you can provide services in a managed, controlled fashion and still yet be able to support the demands of your customers? There seems to be a conflict of interest: lines of business and app developers are looking for ease of consumption; Central IT needs to ensure ease of management. A few […]

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Creating a fast-track for the hybrid cloud

When organizations talk about the cloud, they often list agility as a key attribute. They want to make it possible to quickly develop and deploy new applications. A cloud architecture, though, can only be agile when the different parts of the IT network work together. Just last month, IBM Systems unveiled new solutions for creating […]

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Best fit deployment using open standards

Recently, I have been spending quite some time with “non z” clients—line of business folks, non-z application developers, distributed IT teams—discussing the role of z in their cloud strategy. These are interesting discussions, ranging from “I didn’t know the mainframe has anything to do with cloud,” to “When are you guys going to have a […]

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New applications leverage existing assets on IBM z Systems, creating new business value

One of the forces driving cloud adoption is innovation. Innovation is about adding new business function, with a focus on speed. New Systems of Engagement are rapidly built to address new business needs, and to capture new market opportunities. IBM Bluemix provides a digital innovation platform that lets developers rapidly compose new applications by connecting […]

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