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Met Office Explains the Benefits of LinuxONE

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Recently, the Enterprise Linux Insights editorial staff sat down to talk to LinuxONE customers at Met Office.  The Met Office (officially the Meteorological Office until 2000) is the United Kingdom’s national weather service. Graham Mallin, Executive Head of Technology, Met Office and -­‐ Richard Lawrence, Enterprise IT Architect, Met Office discuss how Met Office uses more

OpenStack Private Clouds on IBM LinuxONE

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Finally… No More Herding Cats: OpenStack Private Clouds on IBM LinuxONE. Does this sound familiar? You implemented a distributed environment with x86 hardware for its low cost of acquisition. Then you piled on racks required by your organization’s growth while costs for hardware, wiring, electricity and your data center’s footprint also mounted. Next, you jumped more

IBM Teams With Canonical To Put Ubuntu 16.04 on LinuxONE

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If you’re an Ubuntu user looking for high-performance and the ability to process billions of transaction, then here’s some good news. Ubuntu 16.04 (XenialXerus) is now available on IBM LinuxONE.  Prior to the general availability of Ubuntu 16.04 on April 21, 2016, Canonical  is teaming with IBM and clients to support LinuxONE via an IBM/Canonical more

IBM and SUSE: an ongoing success story

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SUSE’s focus has been on Linux for the enterprise from its beginnings over 23 years ago. Today, Linux is established as the premier enterprise platform. When organizations talk about the most mission-critical and demanding workloads—those that matter most like the public, private and hybrid cloud or data-intensive computing and analytics—SUSE Linux Enterprise is recommended as more

LinuxONE: The Power of the Ecosystem

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The strength of LinuxONE is really made possible through the broad ecosystem. The flexibility and innovation that open solutions are bringing to the market are a powerful force, and the open movement is one that we are committed to being a part of. We also recognize that many of the emerging open solutions push complexity more

IBM + Spark = Blazing fast analytics

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 In June 2015, IBM announced its support for Spark, calling it potentially the most significant open source project of the next decade. Since then, key advancements have been made by IBM, all aimed at helping enterprise clients to advance their analytics speed so they can derive business insights faster. Why Spark? Apache Spark is an more

Open technologies enable digital transformation

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The world is going through massive changes and it’s transforming how business is done in every industry. In the current cognitive era in where everything is being redesigned by data, remade in the cloud and rewritten in code, companies are discovering new business models and consumers are being engaged in new and different ways. To more

IBM Enhances LinuxONE for Hybrid Cloud Environments

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Today IBM has announced new technology features and collaborations for its LinuxONE family of high-performance Linux systems. The enhancements will enable organizations of all sizes to develop, deploy and manage applications for the cloud simply and efficiently with robust security. IBM LinuxONE gives clients the choice they desire with the consistency they need in the more

IBM LinuxONE: Erasing Tradeoffs in the Open Source Era

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The impact of Linux on our world is undeniable. Since its release 25 years ago, Linux has grown from a small community based project to a major force leading an open-source revolution. As organizations shift to the cloud, Linux figures to play an even larger role. It’s become the go-to-choice for the cloud because of more