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IBM Oracle collaboration on display at Oracle OpenWorld 2016

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Have you ever wondered why tens of thousands of Oracle customers choose IBM servers and storage for running their Oracle workloads?  The simple answer is: to get more out of their investment.  Every year IBM collaborates with Oracle to deliver solutions that improve the operations of deploying and running Oracle environments.  What’s our role in more

The Economics of Linux Technologies and Open Source

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“For many, Linux equals innovation,” notes Ron Eland, Managing Partner of and CEO, ICU IT Services. “By introducing Linux-based solutions alongside our existing offerings, we saw a chance to appeal to companies that wanted both flexibility and the confidence that their data was in the best possible hands. Critically, for the offering to be a more

Why Linux is poised to lead the tech boom in Africa

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Certain emerging markets are advancing so quickly that they aren’t just speeding through the technology phases of developed countries. They’re skipping stages entirely — a phenomenon economists call “leapfrogging.” The most visible signs of leapfrogging are in consumer technologies, including the rapid adoption of the internet, mobile phones and social media. By 2020, Sub-Saharan Africa more

Bodhi Healthcare Group Brings Cloud-Based Healthcare Solution to Chinese Hospital on LinuxONE

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Bodhi Healthcare Group turned to IBM to develop a new cloud-based healthcare platform built on the IBM LinuxONE system to support the new technology branch of Qingdao Municipal Hospital Group. By leveraging the security, scale and reliability of LinuxONE, the Bodhi Healthcare Cloud Platform offers an integrated solution in the cloud to promote information exchange more

Celebrating 25 years: The Linux Revolution Has Just Begun

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In a tech industry filled with bold predictions and hyped products, Linux is a rare case of something that has under-promised and over-delivered. From its humble beginnings described as a “hobby” by creator Linus Torvalds, Linux has led an open-source movement with far-reaching effects. A sizable group is gathering this week in Toronto for LinuxCon more

What’s so great about open technology? Plenty.

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Say the word “open” to our clients, and you’re almost certain to get a positive reaction. The subject might be open standards that everyone can build on. Or it could be open source software that people can tap into for immediate solutions. Or it could be open communities that help turbocharge innovation. IBM clients like more

IBM Launches Blockchain Cloud on World’s Most Secure Server

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New cloud environment for business-to-business networks allows companies to test performance, privacy and interoperability of blockchain ecosystems.  IBM LinuxONE underpins cloud offering to help meet stringent industry and compliance security requirements. IBM has announced a cloud service for organizations requiring a secure environment for blockchain networks. Ideal for organizations in regulated industries, this environment allows more

A Solid Foundation Needed for Blockchain Technology to Reach New Heights

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The towering skyscrapers of New York City leave visitors staring upward in amazement, but it’s what lies beneath their feet that’s created the perfect environment for one of the world’s most recognizable skylines. A thick bedrock, unusually close to the surface, provides a foundation for architects to build structures that climb a thousand feet or more

Swift Programming Language for IBM LinuxONE: Extending Development

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Swift for LinuxONE: Extending Development to the Ultimate System for Apps Most people never think about the code behind the apps on their smart phones, but they do think about the performance: How fast does it work? Is it updated frequently with new features? And is it keeping my personal information secure? Software developers know more