Hybrid IT service management

How to choose the best DevOps toolchain orchestration solution

One of the biggest challenges around application development is the role of communication and transparency between teams. For a long time, different team—like developers, business analysts, QAs and operations—were independent. Companies sometimes suffered from the siloed approach that resulted. The results of this scenario were longer app delivery cycles, less innovative products and a slower […]

3 things you need to know about new file dependencies

Put file dependencies to work for you. In a previous post, we introduced conditional dependencies, and here you can watch how to get started with them. Using IBM Workload Scheduler, you can define different types of dependencies for your workflow. This post is about file dependency, which prevents the execution of a task until the […]

6 years running: IBM a leader in Gartner OSS Magic Quadrant

IBM has once again been named a leader in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operational Support Systems. Gartner explored ten major vendors that sell end-to-end OSS communication service providers in the global marketplace and recognized IBM as a leader for our completeness of vision and continued execution. IBM has been recognized as a leader […]

How APM can help eliminate continuous delivery issues

Companies are rapidly adopting the DevOps culture and methodology to embrace digital transformation and enable continuous delivery, the nonstop rollout of software upgrades. While continuous delivery continues to have a significant impact on both IT and business overall, it does come with challenges. Continuous delivery’s impact on application quality EMA recently cited in their report […]

4 Pillars for choosing a technology asset disposition vendor

Before the 1980s, very little data was stored on computers. Most data remained on tape or magnetic disk. The data center kept those devices secure and shredded them at the end of their lives. The process kept sensitive information safe. Today, it’s not that simple. Proprietary and confidential data exists across many smaller devices. A […]

Automated processes leads to automatic profit

If you are a leader in the IT industry, then you have likely experienced the satisfaction of making a difference in the world. Software has dramatically changed the world around us. Almost every single business sector, category or domain of activity has undergone a software-driven revolution. Software touches every part of our lives. It’s part […]

The best way to avoid application downtime troubles

In today’s always-connected world, applications do not go down quietly. Social media forums overflow with irate customers announcing disruptions, sometimes grabbing the attention of news websites. Even as your organization addresses the issues, you face reputational damage and loss in revenue that can extend long past the initial  incident and resolution. To pour salt on […]

Why you should take advantage of new IBM Alert Notification integrations

IBM Alert Notification keeps getting better. The software as a service (SaaS) offering meets the increasing demands for agility and efficient collaboration among teams who use multiple monitoring and management tools. And now we’ve added new integration capabilities on top of its existing feature set. Optimize notifications and take immediate action With IBM Alert Notification, […]

Lean IT: Automating for profitability

What does lean IT mean to you? For me, lean IT starts with prioritizing your systems and your applications. I work in the area of systems alert management and automation. That entails two roles, creating monitors to identify issues with systems and applications, and then building automation to recover the systems or applications. If the […]