Application performance management

IBM POWER8 and OSU advance genomics research through porting

IBM POWER8 is serving a major role in an immensely significant field of science, genomics. Genomics is the study of the genome, the complete DNA within a single cell of an organism. Advances in genomics research have triggered a revolution in understanding the most complex biological systems. Researchers can use DNA sequencing to search for […]

3 things you need to know about new file dependencies

Put file dependencies to work for you. In a previous post, we introduced conditional dependencies, and here you can watch how to get started with them. Using IBM Workload Scheduler, you can define different types of dependencies for your workflow. This post is about file dependency, which prevents the execution of a task until the […]

What playing with building blocks can teach you about app development

If you’re like me, you enjoyed playing with toy building blocks growing up. I distinctly remember sitting for hours, creating all kinds of buildings, cars, planes and a number of unidentifiable structures out of these little blocks. The building process is just as important as the management process, so let’s connect toy blocks to IBM […]

Determine problems using analytics – Part 2

This is the second installment of a two-part series looking into the importance of analytics in IT service management (ITSM). The first part of the series will consider analytics and cognitive trends, and the second will consider IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis. # # # In my previous blog, we showed how unstructured data can […]

Happy first birthday

Once a year we get to say “Happy birthday,” and it is with great pride that I wish a happy 1st birthday to the IBM Performance Management forum for troubleshooting issues. Last year I blogged about troubleshooting and I compared the move of troubleshooting content to the forum to my music collection. “Have you noticed […]

Cognitive service management for hybrid cloud at InterConnect 2016

IT service management remains a foundational solution to improve resiliency, scalability and manageability of IT environments. As businesses innovate for the new digital era and become agile through DevOps, you can learn how ITSM enables organizations to deliver services with speed and control. Hybrid cloud solutions are the platform for the new digital era, but […]

Three reasons not to attend InterConnect 2016

I’m sure you’re expecting a great marketing post compelling you to attend InterConnect 2016, IBM’s premier cloud and mobile conference being held February 21-25 at the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada. Boasting over 24,000 attendees, the event is one of the most popular events in the IT universe. Wrong. Here […]

Broken branches, broken promises

A more ‘modern’ workload solution than IBM? Not possible. A few upstart IT providers claim they have the ability to deliver a so-called ‘modern’ workload automation solution. They claim it’s the reason to question your IT strategy around a true hybrid IT automation solution. We decided to look into what might make their solutions ‘modern’, […]

What’s the worst holiday gift for an IT pro?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year–a time for vacation, spending time with loved ones, online shopping and giving thoughtful gifts. For IT teams across the globe, it’s a time when the performance of their applications, mobile websites, networks and technology is of utmost importance. Any service interruptions have the potential to cause public […]