Hybrid IT service management

Second gear application performance management

Part 2 – Traditional IT In my previous blog post, “Part 1 – Agile IT,” I focused on the developer and line-of-business (LOB) personnel. Here I’ll focus on IT operations and I’ll bring the two-speed IT approach for APM solutions together. IT operations The IT operations employee is another heavy user of monitoring solutions. Their […]

Second gear application performance management

Part 1 – Agile IT In 2014 Gartner predicted that “75 percent of IT organizations will be bimodal in some way by 2017.” We are in the midst of this two-speed IT approach that organizations are adopting at an increasing rate to stay relevant for their customers. Whereas speed 1 is traditional IT being managed […]

What happened to Tivoli?

Are you looking for Tivoli products and can’t find them on the web? Did your bookmark return a 404 error?  Is Tivoli gone? Don’t you lov(e) IT anymore? Rest assured: The Tivoli portfolio still exists, it just has new branding. At the bottom of this blog post you can find links to rebranded solutions for […]

Why APM matters to WebSphere users and app owners

Sweet dreams As an application owner, there are a lot of reasons to lose sleep at night. So many questions can run through your mind–Is my application performing well? Are my customers happy? Can I find problems before they impact users? Can I avoid revenue loss? Can I maintain my excellent reputation? Did I remember […]

Accelerating hybrid innovation with WAS and IBM APM

I’m assuming if you’re reading this you know what IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is. If not, or if you want to hear more about the latest capabilities from the 24 June Version 9 release, check out this announcement. Likewise, this also won’t be an overview on IBM Application Performance Management, but there’s plenty of […]

Netcool’s network health dashboard at Cisco Live!

If you plan on attending Cisco Live Las Vegas next week, please drop by IBM Booth #1536 to learn about the latest Netcool innovations in the area of cognitive operations and analytics, including the opportunity to see a demo of our analytics capability. I will also be giving a talk at IBM Booth #1536 titled […]

My POV: The current state of ITSM

In my previous post, “What is the Future of IT Service Management?”, I discussed why ITSM is more important now than ever.  I also talked about a few other transformations that will happen within ITSM. It’s always a good thing to think about the future in terms of what might be possible.  But do you […]

Shaping workload scheduling: IBM Workload Scheduler 9.3 FP2

IBM just released Fix Pack 1 for Workload Scheduler Version 9.3 in December of 2015. So why then is a brand new fix pack being published only months later? What is so important that they had to release a new fix pack? Hear the news and insights directly from the experts. Get comfortable and listen […]

Netcool and golden configuration

A recurring challenge for network engineers concerns compliance adherence for the myriad of devices associated with a company’s “golden” standards. This may be due to ad-hoc changes made by experts to solve one problem on the fly, which could then end up breaking something else such as bandwidth levels or security. Defining configuration compliance checks […]

Bringing SaaS to IBM Alert Notification

We are excited to announce new capabilities along with the IBM Alert Notification SaaS offering that was first announced earlier this year. What’s the big deal, you may ask? Alert Notification is an easy-to-use notification service that meets the increasing demand for agility and efficient collaboration among IT operations and DevOps team members who use […]

Join IBM’s APM partner ecosystem and share revenue

If your company has experience in developing applications or performance management solutions, then you might want to consider joining IBM’s APM ecosystem to grow revenue. Here is how it should work… you develop market solutions incorporating your industry and technology experience, we help you to sell the solution globally through multiple channels, and you collect […]