Digital transformation

Empowering your company with analytics and IBM Systems at Insight 2015 – Day 1 highlights

Big data & analytics, Digital transformation

First days of these big conferences always have an extra layer of commotion to them. Hordes of people are swarming around just about every corner of the warehouse-size conference rooms, checking in and assembling lanyard badges, scanning the packed schedule booklets, some still dragging suitcases from McCarran Airport. You hear enthusiastic greetings and chatter as more

Gain a competitive edge with digital transformation

Digital transformation

Digital transformation. The new way forward for businesses looking to succeed in the digital era. The challenge is to disrupt the market through constant evolution and agility or be disrupted by competitors. Companies must continue to discover innovative ways to improve overall strategy to reach the final check point: customer interaction. The laborious process of more

Be the disruptor. Be the catalyst of change for your customers.

Digital transformation

If I think about my life today compared to five years ago, and how my interactions paying for an object or service are now through a digital transaction. I shop for everything I need from milk to shoes on a digital device. I bank, check the weather, book travel, check into my flights, walk through more