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Forget everything you know about trust

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Have you ever stopped to think about what trust really means? At its core, trust is defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something. Your something is your business, and your business is now operating in an age where everything is digital. What does trust look like more

How cognitive computing will revolutionize the retail industry

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Did you know that 91 percent of retail executives familiar with cognitive computing believe it will play a disruptive role in their organization? Even more significant: 94 percent intend to invest in it, according to the IBM Institute for Business Value’s recent report, “Thinking like a customer.” Is your business in that faction? The retail more

Must-see sessions on Salesforce cloud integration at Dreamforce 2016

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Unifying disparate applications, data and channels is the holy grail of marketing IT today. Why? Because information about customers is housed in many different systems. Marketers really want to take advantage of cognitive capabilities, so they can better target customers and create new business opportunities. And that all starts with a more complete view of more

Business processes and decisions in the cognitive era

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Business is changing and moving in new and innovative directions. Customer insights from multiple channels: cloud, mobile, social, the Internet of Things and cognitive computing are shaping how business gets done, and redefining business processes, responsiveness and relationships with customers. Disruptive business models that take advantage of what’s possible offer great potential to act in more

IBM Digital Experience creates exceptional brand experiences

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A ‘brand experience’ can be defined as “all the different interactions a customer has with a brand.” A ‘digital brand experience” is defined as “all the experience and interactions a customer has with a brand through various digital channels.” There are multiple facets that help to create differentiated digital brand experiences for enterprise customers in more

For client stories that inspire, join us at Connect 2016

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You have probably heard all the standard reasons why you should attend a conference: to increase knowledge, to hear about the latest trends, to network with likeminded professionals. However, one of the most compelling aspects of a conference, for me, is the opportunity to hear real stories from clients about how technology solutions are changing more

Connect with us for business process insights at InterConnect 2016

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You can become more customer-centric by transforming and automating how work gets done with IBM Smarter Process. And new techniques and technologies are making business process and decision management more powerful and easy to deploy than ever. Learn how Cognitive processes and decisions enable your company to rethink how you engage with customers, so you more

Top IT predictions for 2016: Cognitive is here to stay

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What will the near future of IT look like? At IBM Systems, we strive to help IT leaders become trusted service providers by mastering hybrid cloud for digital transformation in today’s cognitive era. Recent trends in cloud and cognitive are driving innovation for many organizations, and IBM Systems is helping companies to evolve their IT more

From digital to cognitive: The year ahead for IBM Smarter Process in 2016

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This year, digital transformation truly came of age as a big driver of revenue. It is striking to see that in 2015, over 70 percent of 987 C-Suite respondents in a McKinsey study expected digital activities to grow the top line, and 64 percent of them expected to grow margins at the same time. Going more