Business process and decision management

Three ways to align IT with business priorities

How does your organization view IT? As a competitive business differentiator or merely a necessary cost? Why align business and IT Why worry about business and IT alignment? The short answer is: technology shifts influence every aspect of today’s businesses. According to the Global C-Suite Study, CEOs say technology is the chief external influence on […]

4 Pillars for choosing a technology asset disposition vendor

Before the 1980s, very little data was stored on computers. Most data remained on tape or magnetic disk. The data center kept those devices secure and shredded them at the end of their lives. The process kept sensitive information safe. Today, it’s not that simple. Proprietary and confidential data exists across many smaller devices. A […]

Mobile capabilities with IBM Business Monitor

Where will you be when you need to know how your business process is performing? Let’s say you’ve just heard that the company CFO would like to have fresh numbers on sales and expenses for a session that is going to start in a few minutes with your regional executives. You notice your colleagues frantically […]

Business agility requires operational decision management

The world is changing and customer-centricity is the new process imperative for growth in the digital era. Disruptors are reinventing business processes and leading their industries with digital transformation and personalized front-line decision making using real-time insights. New mobile apps are streamlining decision making for those at the forefront of customer engagement. In order to […]

Get started on your cognitive journey: Part two

In Part 1, we talked about how to apply some of the Watson Languages services to help you gain insights from information that are hiding in your customers’ communication. Now we are going deeper to discuss how to apply machine learning, which is the core of a cognitive system, to guide your business operations. Apply […]

Cognitive business operations means business opportunities

It’s what’s known as cognitive business: In an interview with Fortune, IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty said that a new technological era is upon us, one that marries digital business with digital intelligence. There’s still a long way to go before digital intelligence becomes the standard, but Rometty recommended five areas where a […]

Cognitive business operations at InterConnect

I am excited to have the opportunity to talk to our customers and partners about a new area we are evolving on the IBM Smarter Process platform called cognitive business operations. The idea here is that we want to infuse daily business operations with the power of cognitive computing to assist with processes and decisions […]

The Sherpa and the cognitive insight you need for success

I remember climbing the Great Wall of China–a small portion of it, to be clear–and I remember that I was the only one not being helped by Sherpas. Some of my friends were actually carried by a Sherpa or pushed up the hill, but I wanted to challenge myself. To be honest, I am happy […]

Customer behavior dictates retailer actions

In today’s retail environment, customers clearly have the upper hand. They decide where they shop, how they research purchases, and when they buy. And with the ubiquity of mobile devices, they choose when to launch your store’s mobile application, and what to post on social media about you. These interactions, or events as we call […]