Linux, Open Source & Business Efficiency

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IT Trends:  Strategies for Operational Efficiencies in the Era of Open Source – An interview with Mike Woster CRO, Linux Foundation Trying to maximize business efficiencies while staying within a budget is something that keeps CTOs and CIOs up at night.   How to do senior IT leaders manage for change with a flexible infrastructure, especially more

IBM announces secure blockchain services for the cloud

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In a groundbreaking move, IBM has launched the first highly secure blockchain services for financial services, government and healthcare on IBM Cloud.  This is exciting news for IT organizations processing financial transactions and for developers.   Since blockchain is an emerging technology, until now there has been little clarity on the requirements to securely operate more

Blockchain thought-leaders convene in D.C.


Last week I began my journey as the IBM Blockchain marketing leader with the opportunity to attend the DC Blockchain Summit, hosted by the Chamber of Digital Commerce at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. It was a tremendous opportunity to get hands-on with some of the thought leaders of this emerging technology. The attendees were more

IBM Blockchain on IBM z Systems: Streamlining business processes

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The concept behind blockchain technology borrows from the age-old business practice of using ledgers to record transactions. In the case of blockchain, the parties have a replicated electronic ledger. Each party can access their authorized data on those replicated ledgers. Blockchain could lead to sweeping changes in our economy when implemented along with modern technology. more