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Can you really learn in Las Vegas?

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Can you guess the number one reason why people attend conferences? If you supposed it was for the entertainment, you are…wrong. It’s education. People fly to places like San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Orlando because they want to learn. Conference attendees are looking for new information that adds value and makes their time spent more

Join IBM Systems at InterConnect 2016

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The relationship between IT and business is evolving, and companies are looking at cloud and mobile as ways to build better businesses. Whether you’re a technology leader, builder or innovator, what better way is there to learn about the latest tools, services and systems supporting cloud and mobile innovations than to attend the premier cloud more

Beyond Jeopardy!—How Watson is helping to build businesses

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In 2011, Watson made a dramatic public debut on the Jeopardy! television game show. Using IBM Power Systems and analytics software developed with open frameworks like Apache Hadoop and UIMA, Watson showcased a cutting-edge ability to understand complex natural language questions and sift through vast libraries of unstructured human knowledge. And Watson proved to know more

Exciting new capabilities for deploying SAP HANA

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Earlier this year, SAP and IBM announced that SAP Business Warehouse deployments on SAP HANA could be integrated with IBM Power Systems, achieving a level of flexibility, resiliency and performance that customers tell us is unique in the industry. Now, just a few months later, we have several new milestones to report. First, IBM Power more

Support always-on services with IBM z Systems

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In today’s hyperconnected world, it’s no longer enough to have a digital presence like a mobile channel or e-commerce website. The extra mile to strive for is interactive engagement at a cognitive level through bi-directional communication and always-on services. This type of engagement should be achievable no matter what the preferred medium is, whether face-to-face, more

Enhanced weather analytics helps power companies keep the lights on

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“How’s the weather?” is an everyday question. But that question can generate potentially devastating answers in today’s energy-hungry world. When temperatures soar or lightning strikes, energy and utility companies may have to scramble to meet air conditioning power demands or restore electricity to thousands of businesses, homes and families. According to a study of US more

Differentiating your business in the cognitive computing era

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“Data will be your basis of competitive advantage.” – Ginni Rometty, President and CEO, IBM These are exciting times for enterprise systems and clients alike. As the virtualization and Linux product manager working on IBM z Systems, I tip my hat to IBM z System’s steadfast performance and longevity that has lasted decades. What has more

Act in real-time and in context with Twitter, ODM Advanced & cognitive

Real-time analytics

Just like any other social network, Twitter is a free and abundant source of insight into what people want, how they feel and what they need. But Twitter is also special because it is highly versatile. What people tweet about at any given moment is what they are thinking at that moment. Traditional polls and more

Live or let die: Why mainframe shops need to step up their game

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Digital transformation is here—Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Security and Social, also referred to as CAMSS. But what does it mean to us mainframe shops? Is it an opportunity to save the day, or a path to become marginalized? That is 100% up to you and here is why. The good news: CAMSS puts new requirements on more