Build your foundation for advanced data analytics

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Massive amounts of data and multiple data sources provide today’s businesses with the opportunity to glean new insights, leading to creative business decisions and the potential for competitive advantage. Moreover, innovative organizations are using machine learning, cognitive applications, artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies to quickly extract that insight and react with agility to more

IBM PowerAI and Watson team up at O’Reilly AI Conference

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Deep learning and artificial intelligence are two terms that have become ubiquitous in the technology market, as enterprises, research centers, academic institutions and individual developers have quickly realized that the cognitive era is upon us. These technologies represent the solid possibility of unlocking greater insights from data by augmenting human capabilities with some of the more

The cognitive impact on technology: An investor’s viewpoint

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Hardly an industry today can escape disruption. New technologies and business models compel CTOs and IT leaders to seek innovative ways to stay ahead of the digital transformation curve. But they face challenges understanding the role and impact of cognitive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning when integrating them into their existing more

Middleware in the cloud era of IT infrastructure

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This blog post is a collaboration from a broad cross section of IBMers from around the world: Ramesh Pathak (India), Chad Lingmann (United States), Naveen Deshwal (United States) and Rod Anami (Brazil). Cloud computing is already a reality. Many key players have adopted cloud in their business infrastructure and have demonstrated its value. It is clear that cloud more