Top 3 problems faced by VPs of IT operations

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We all deal with fire drills, urgent requests and ongoing problems. Some days it feels endless. It is almost to the point where we don’t see ourselves as strategic or innovative. So how can we stay innovative amongst the chaos and panic? Is it possible to cut costs and improve reliability for our mainframe operations, even though it may feel like the odds are stacked against us?  With the adoption of hybrid cloud, a VP of IT ops has to manage increased levels of complexity, all while dealing with three key constant and competing pressures: Cost, risk and agility.

  1. COST: It’s the #1 topic in practically every conversation. How can I do more with less? Whether it’s the cost exposure in resolving outages, maintaining the efficiency of key infrastructure or simply consolidating software license costs and vendor agreements, cost is king. Now of course that’s not to say that there are not many other challenges, but without looking through the lens of cost you’ll be hard pressed to move forward!
  2. RISK: Now we’re getting to the heart of what it means to be responsible for operations in a data center. Optimizing service level agreements to reduce risk and maximize uptime is key, but as we acquire new technologies and look to reuse heritage IT assets that risk profile can start to increase. The right monitoring, management and IT analytics solutions are vital to making sure you stay in control.
  3. AGILITY: Of course, the easiest way to manage cost and control risk would be to lock down everything and make no changes, but that wouldn’t really help service the needs of the business, would it? Time-to-market for new applications is so critical in today’s digital economy. IT operations plays a fundamental role in supporting line-of-business goals, and that can mean standing up new infrastructure, opening up new services or rolling out changes to core applications to help businesses differentiate themselves.

To deal with these pressures it’s fundamental that you have an integrated approach to systems management on the mainframe, and this is where IBM can help you in delivering operational excellence within the enterprise. Learn to manage cost, risk and agility through the hybrid cloud. Take a look here to learn more: “Building a Mainframe IT Service Management Plan that Leverages Cognitive and Analytics to Deliver Operational Excellence” by Clabby Analytics.

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Kathy Bazinet

Thanks Matt for a quick read on major concerns our Z IT leadership teams face.

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