Three ways to improve your application delivery

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If I had a dollar for every time someone said “hybrid cloud,” I’d be a very rich person. Why? After spending the past few days at IBM InterConnect 2016, hybrid cloud has been at the forefront of every conversation-–and for good reason. It’s becoming the primary way businesses are creating new cloud apps with speed and agility, connect existing apps and data to cloud services, and optimize any app, service or process.

At many of the IBM Application Platform and PureApplication sessions at the conference, I heard everything discussed from application infrastructure to APIs in hybrid clouds. But a key topic that many app development execs, IT architects and app developers kept bringing up was application delivery. Since application delivery provides the deployment and availability of an app along with the security, scalability and management required to run them properly, it’s no surprise that it was a hot topic.

This week, clients have come to InterConnect to share how PureApp has continued to help them accelerate delivery of critical business workloads between their on- and off-premises environments. Nearly half of the PureApp sessions are being presented by or with clients. Read on to discover how PureApp may be able to help your business too.

Improved and accelerated application deployment

It’s no secret…App developers and operations teams are looking for speed-to-market and scalability. Getting your code developed and deployed on time is important. PureApp can simplify and accelerate the provisioning of development, test and production environments through the use of patterns. By automating many of the steps, PureApp helps to eliminate errors when deploying to multiple environments or moving apps from on premises to off premises or the other way around. Automated scaling policies can bring more compute and storage resources as needed, saving considerable time and effort. One of the client speakers at InterConnect shared that they saved 56 percent of their application deployment time and resources, managing capacity, licenses, security and change management.

PureApp and OpenStack: Flexibility personified

One nice quote I heard this week was “Patterns are not just about installing software, it’s also about automating lifecycle management.” So how can you use patterns to assist with your lifecycle management? With OpenStack Heat on PureApp, OpenStack brings simplicity by running software in a production-ready controlled environment. Enhancements to the IBM pattern engine to support OpenStack Heat and heat orchestration templates (HOT) can give the ability to deploy and manage those documents-–expanding the PureApp catalog from 100’s to 1000’s of patterns. Now you can improve workload portability across multiple cloud platforms, using OpenStack APIs to quickly import and deploy images.

PureApp and POWER8 Processors

Clients interested in a power-based application platform have used PureApp to deploy, manage and shift applications across hybrid environments with speed and simplicity. With the latest PureApp system with POWER8 processors, you can not only get double the base storage, you also get the option to add more storage within the rack, whenever you need it. Now you have more choice and can simplify what you previously thought was a complex optimization task. Ultimately this solution can provide increased power, lower costs and greater configuration flexibility.

As hybrid cloud adoption continues to grow, organizations must stay up-to-date on the best practices and solutions to help them optimize application delivery and achieve their business needs. Stay tuned for more insights from IBM InterConnect on application infrastructure and how your business can stay on the leading edge of IT. You can also learn more about PureApplication here.

If you were in attendance this week, be sure to network and share your experience at the conference using hashtags #IBMInterConnect, #PureApp, or #IBMDevOps.

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