Three things you may not know about your Dell EMC storage

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Dell EMC clients can look forward to a new solution that is designed to deliver optimization tips about their VMAX and VNX storage products. Would you like to know whether you’re using storage inefficiently, as many organizations are, and what you can do about it? If so, help is on the way.

IBM has announced a plan to add VMAX and VNX support to its innovative storage management cloud service in 2017 through IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights.

IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights is designed to help you understand how your storage can be optimized. Analytics and graphing are done automatically. Deployment is simple.  There is no traditional application to install.

Top three insights about your Dell EMC storageibm-aws-reinvent-tile-final

  1. Some data on enterprise VMAX storage can be hosted effectively on midrange VNX storage. Conversely, some data currently on midrange VNX would be better off on enterprise VMAX storage. Would you like to know how much of your storage could be optimized and which volumes to move?

    ITG research shows that tier 1 arrays, such as Dell EMC VMAX, tend to be significantly more expensive than tier 2 and 3 equivalents, such as VNX. “This is the case not only for hardware and maintenance, but also for software for functions such as thin provisioning, tiering, copy services, disaster recovery, replication and storage resource management,” according to Brian Jeffery, ITG.

  2. The best time to get a deal on storage is at the end of your supplier’s fiscal year. The worst time to buy storage is when you’re out of capacity. Would you like to know at the end of January if you’ll need more storage for your next peak season, in time to take advantage of Dell EMC fiscal year-end offers?
  3. Some storage capacity can look like it’s in use when it is in fact dormant or unassigned. Would you like to know how much of your VMAX and VNX storage could be reclaimed and, whenever you’re ready, get the list of reclaimable volumes?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may have a lot to gain by exploring IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights.

Experience IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights

Find out what else you may not know about your storage. There is a video demo and guided live demo that are ready to use. And the Storage Insights webpage includes analyst insights and other details.

Beta testers wanted

IBM is looking for beta testers for Dell EMC VMAX and VNX integration. In the coming weeks, you could be among the first to try Dell EMC storage system management using a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution from IBM. Find out more about IBM beta programs by contacting Mary Anne Filosa.

About IBM forward-looking statements

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