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The world is unpredictable, but technological infrastructure is not

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How we live and how we work has changed dramatically. In recent years, we have seen mobile and social technologies transform the way we interact and do business. The data explosion caused by mobile devices and online interaction has made technology networks unpredictable.

Now we see the digital revolution making room for the new cognitive era. Cognitive workloads require an infrastructure that is able to synthesize massive amounts of data from an expansive technological ecosystem, including public, private and hybrid cloud, as well as distributed devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). Since secure resources are already required to store and manage that volume, enhancing the IT infrastructure is essential to meeting the pressing challenges that businesses are facing.Consumers and organizations have increased expectations. Customers expect access to information and personalized answers in real time. Companies demand more value added to their business by technology. IT leaders, formerly seen only as technicians, now play strategic roles in opening their businesses to new technologies.

To progress and transform, businesses must have the flexibility to adapt to changing business conditions quickly. Developing a security-rich IT infrastructure that rapidly adjusts to changes in this unpredictable market is crucial. Not having this capability may result not only in a loss of income, but could also have a negative impact on the brand and customers could be lost to competitors.

The dialogue today revolves less around cost management systems and operating system choices. IT conversations now focus on success or failure in the market. Making the appropriate investments in transformational technology and changing existing mentalities are essential for a successful digital business strategy.

To cope with all of this unpredictability and to survive the continual evolution of technology, it is necessary to prepare systems for the future. In the new era of cognitive business, mastering and evolving hybrid cloud infrastructure will be critical within the business plan of the new IT leader.

Are you ready to compete in an unpredictable world?

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