The Sherpa and the cognitive insight you need for success

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I remember climbing the Great Wall of China–a small portion of it, to be clear–and I remember that I was the only one not being helped by Sherpas. Some of my friends were actually carried by a Sherpa or pushed up the hill, but I wanted to challenge myself.

To be honest, I am happy I did it, because I couldn’t have done it in the shape I am in right now. It had to be then, or never. But, I soon realized how dumb it was to focus on the exercise, instead of enjoying the scenery with my fellow adventurers – which included brilliant entrepreneurs and savvy senior executives.

I am happy to say that I learned my lesson, and I am now working on a cloud tool that allows business employees to automate their most repetitive collaborative tasks in an intuitive, pleasant, secure and scalable way–no technical skills required. I am also working on making sure IT can control and extend these cool, smart automations so they become even more effective and change the game even further.

The goal is to help you lift your head out of the 80 percent of things that take up 110 percent of your time, so you can focus on the 20 percent of things that can really make a difference for the strategy of your company and your career. You can learn more about this opportunity by attending the following sessions at InterConnect 2016:

BBP-2229: Collaborative Business Apps–By the Business, For the Business
BBP-2939: Use the IBM Blueworks Live App Builder Feature to Build Business Applications with Zero Coding

When it comes to the 20 percent of things that are strategic, it is important to recognize that the world is now about cognitive operations. You want to be able to make sense of all the structured and unstructured data around you and within your business operations. The gold is in the actionable insights you can derive from that data. To help you do that, I encourage you to take a look at our cognitive business operations session: (BPS-7231) Achieving Cognitive Business Operations with IBM Smarter Process or visit us here.

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