The new cloud conversation: How to build a high-performing cloud

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While most agree that cloud is the architecture of the future, IT leaders are learning fast that putting all clouds into one category is like saying that all cars are the same. An AMC Gremlin and a Porsche 911 both have an engine and four wheels, but produce vastly different results.

With clouds, as with cars, the underlying components and how they are assembled make a world of difference. Within this new cloud conversation, The IBM z Systems mainframe and IBM LinuxONE enterprise Linux systems are emerging as key components to producing a high-performing cloud environment.

The z Systems mainframe handles some of the most important data and transactions for organizations around the world. Z Systems and LinuxONE also both provide world-class speed, scale and security. Extending those assets and capabilities to the cloud can help organizations build networks that are responsive, flexible, and protect sensitive data.

Reimagining business networks with cloud

Look no further than blockchain, an open ledger technology attracting interest, to see how this is playing out. Blockchain is becoming a major example of how z Systems and LinuxONE can deliver new value to the cloud because of their performance and security capabilities. This week at InterConnect in Las Vegas, clients and business partners highlighted how LinuxONE and Linux on z are powering next-generation transaction systems using blockchain:

  • Everledger is using an IBM Blockchain high-security business network underpinned by LinuxONE to create a new system for tracking the provenance of high-value goods such as diamonds.
  • The Plastic Bank is working with IBM, Cognition Foundry and Conquex to use blockchain to help reduce plastic waste and poverty by creating a global currency that pays people for collecting ocean plastic.
  • IBM is working with IntellectEU, which specializes in the integration of financial systems, to integrate existing z Systems data and applications into new blockchain solutions for payments, document authentication and other financial transactions.

Creating a complete cloud view

Beyond blockchain, at InterConnect IBM also highlighted offerings that expand the z Systems ecosystem to seamlessly connect valuable mainframe data and apps to the cloud:

  • IBM and Splunk announced a new solution that integrates z Systems operational data into Splunk, a popular platform for monitoring what’s happening across an entire cloud network to improve performance and flag issues.
  • IBM and AppDynamics announced a beta solution that integrates z Systems operational data into software from AppDynamics that monitors the performance of specific applications, including business-critical applications, on the mainframe.
  • IBM and its partners also showcased how organizations are using z applications to power new mobile applications in the cloud using z/OS Connect and deliver new insights through secure access to data on z Systems using z/OS Platform for Apache Spark.

Strategically building the right cloud

Whether you’re looking at blockchain, mobile app development or real-time analytics, the cloud has opened new opportunities. But full potential is only realized when the right pieces are connected in the right way. The components and their combinations can produce different cloud environments that may or may not support your business needs.

Organizations that recognize the differences will strategically assemble components to create a high-performing cloud environment. They’ll build a cloud that creates new value to carry their business forward into new territory.

For more on how z Systems and LinuxONE can drive cloud innovation, check out these resources on z and hybrid cloud or register to download this Constellation Research report on blockchain.

General Manager, IBM Z

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