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How can you improve your customer engagement while streamlining your processes? There’s an easy way to do just that without having to acquire or install any new software. The answer is IBM Forms Experience Builder (FEB), which is now available on IBM Cloud. To get started, simply point your browser to the IBM Cloud Marketplace and sign up for a complimentary trial today.

IBM Forms Experience Builder is a successful tool that has been used by thousands around the world for the past three years. It is known for its ease of use and the speed with which users are able to build and deploy applications. For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee is using IBM FEB to create apps in IBM Digital Experience. The application serves as a kiosk running on an iPad in a brick-and-mortar store in Nashville. The tool automates forms-based business processes to help improve efficiency and customer service. Initially this was only possible if an individual elected to acquire the software and have their IT department host it. Now there is another option that allows you to get started with just a browser and an Internet connection.

IBM Forms Experience Builder enables users to create web applications for collection and tracking of information. Applications designed to capture updates and launch process automation with approvals and notifications are now possible. Non-technical users are able to create sophisticated web applications complete with forms, database reports and security workflow. Solutions designed with IBM Forms Experience Builder are agile and adapt easily to accommodate changing business requirements. This results in quicker responses to customer and market needs.

Learn more about the features of IBM Forms Experience Builder on Cloud in this video:

Users will find that they are able to build applications without the need for additional training. The point-and-click interface is highly visual and intuitive. Users can easily drag and drop components on to the form page, rearrange them, and save and deploy the finished application in just minutes. Once deployed, users are automatically provided with a view that shows data analytics from the information collected.

Click here to give IBM Forms Experience Builder a try today!

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