Rethinking hyper-converged infrastructure

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Change has been ever-present in IT, but it has gained new speed in recent years. The rate of change, however, is subordinate to the magnitude. The transformation we’ve seen in IT in the last few years would register a nine on the Richter scale when it comes to disruption. The key driver of this disruption more

Win the future with hybrid cloud and flash from IBM

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There’s no doubt that much of your business’ future success or failure may depend on how well you use your data assets to capture or maintain competitive advantage. But how do you maximize the business value and advantages that your available data assets can give you? How do you optimize current IT infrastructure while freeing more

Day three at IBM Edge 2016: Outthinking status quo

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Three days in, and this conference keeps getting better! Wednesday at #IBMEdge2016 was a full day of learning, sharing and networking. The day started off sunny and bright with check-ins and breakfast. Then sellers and business partners headed off for training while the expo booths began their showcasing. The morning was packed with lots of more

Your storage can do more for you

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Today, there is no arguing the fact that IT plays a critical role in helping businesses achieve their long-term strategic goals. IT is changing business models, shaping industry trends and determining the competitive landscape: Who’s going to be first, who’s going to be best and who’s going nowhere. If you feel your existing IT infrastructure more

Flash for every workload

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The field of theoretical physics is engaged in developing an all-encompassing theory of everything (ToE) that would link together and explain all of the physical aspects of the universe. While IBM Storage and Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) is not trying to explain the entire universe, it is engaged in a broad effort to develop flash storage more

The fast track to simplicity with converged infrastructure

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You know the saying “Hindsight is 20/20”?  Throughout my 30+ year career in the storage and compute market I’ve learned that there are lots of choices–across vendors, configurations and solutions.  Sometimes companies make the right choice the very first time, but too often they spend lots of time and money only to realize that more more

VersaStack real-world performance

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When we committed to providing deeply integrated all-flash solutions throughout our storage portfolio, we were driven by the most basic objective in business–providing greater value to the customer. This is not an obsolete marketing slogan. Even in today’s world of cognitive computing, hybrid cloud, big data analytics and mobile and social systems of engagement, delivering more

Accelerate your app delivery in Cisco environments

If you are personally involved in bringing applications to market, I’m sure you are feeling the pressure to deliver those apps faster and faster. Are you using a Cisco UCS and VersaStack infrastructure? You’ll want to read this blog post to learn about how you can easily add IBM PureApplication Software to your infrastructure to more

All-flash innovation part II: Cognitive business

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For more than half a century, information technology (IT) has helped businesses function with ever-increasing efficiency, speed and intelligence. Going forward, successful companies will be “cognitive businesses”—those able to most effectively exploit sophisticated IT foundations and the explosion of data to more effectively power and improve their revenue and profit bases. IBM is leading the more