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Update Your skills at IBM Tech University 2019

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Given the breadth and pace of business technology innovation, some IT teams are already experiencing a skills shortage, putting further pressure on their organizations. Why is this issue top-of-mind for CIOs and CTOs? Harnessing the most current IT skills are a strategic priority. Plus, there have been numerous reports of a growing IT skills gap more

Corral your growing storage infrastructure!

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A changing IT ecosystem Businesses today are measured by their ability to meet customer demand for anytime/anywhere products and services. Technologies such as cloud, mobility, social media, cognitive/AI, the Internet of Things and virtual reality are creating new business performance benchmarks and generating an explosion of data. To deliver competitive advantage in the marketplace, organizations more

Behind the scenes of precision medicine

Hybrid cloud storage, Real-time analytics, Software-defined computing...

Advancing the science of medicine relies largely on access to patients’ genomic information and the other related biological or environmental factors causing disease. Armed with additional information, researchers and physicians can often target a disease more precisely with treatment specific to the individual, and potentially deliver higher-quality personalized patient care. In a world where the more

Death, taxes and your storage infrastructure

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There is a time-tested saying that applies to both life and your storage infrastructure. There are only two certainties: Death and taxes. As humans, we are always looking for ways to delay the first and reduce the second. With storage infrastructure, we could conclude that the same two fates exist, though occurring at a more more

The Big Bang means big data with infrastructure storage

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From nothingness to sudden, explosive existence—the Big Bang is a widely accepted and well-tested scientific theory. However, there are periods of time that are still a mystery and many questions left to answer. How are galaxies formed and how do they evolve? Are we alone in the universe? Astronomers around the world are hoping to more

Oceans of data: Storage challenge or opportunity?

Data security, Integrated infrastructure, Storage

It’s nothing new: data growth, conservatively estimated between 25 – 40 percent per year, can easily outpace IT budget growth by a factor of 10. While it’s easy to simply categorize the ever-expanding “oceans of data” all around us as a challenge, many others gravitate to its inherent opportunities. The data being created in today’s more

Service providers seek storage invisibility as clouds roll in

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IT providers of all types are following cloud computing closely, due mainly to its potential for driving business outcomes. This is especially true for the managed service provider (MSP) segment, whose players have a lot to lose or gain based on how they adopt cloud computing. I saw this up close recently, when I met more