IBM FlashSystem 9100 – The core of the data-driven multi-cloud enterprise

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IBM believes that today there is only one kind of successful enterprise – the data-driven multi-cloud organization.[1] We can see the needs of data-driven businesses reflected in some of the most powerful trends currently driving enterprise data storage: Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe), artificial intelligence, multi-cloud, containers and more.[2] The question becomes: “Is there a storage ...read more

Defining a new generation of software-defined infrastructure

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IBM has announced the next evolution of its software-defined infrastructure, designed to speed analysis of data and simplify management of distributed environments. The new IBM Spectrum Computing portfolio of intelligent resource and workload management software is built for organizations that use data for competitive advantage and need to extract full value from that data—fast. Accelerating ...read more

The economics of large-scale data protection

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When business resiliency is your business, rock solid data recovery is a must. My colleagues and I at IBM Resiliency Services design data protection and recovery solutions that run millions of backups per month for organizations of all sizes and industries. We use all the popular brands of backup software, deduplication appliances and tape systems ...read more

Storage software transformation advances

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Organizations are transforming the way they buy and use storage software, and the results are amazing. No longer is software bound to storage systems the way it was bound to servers in the 1970s. Storage software now supports data in multiple storage systems and in clouds. Storage software licenses can float between old and new ...read more

Building better hybrid clouds

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This week at InterConnect 2016, IBM Cloud Object Storage was announced. IBM Cloud Object Storage will offer three deployment choices for object storage as a service when it is launched. These are being built using Cleversafe technology, a recent IBM acquisition, and will work with on-premises Cleversafe deployments to enable hybrid cloud storage. You read ...read more

Objects and Files: Containers, Buckets, Archives, Analytics and Cloud

Software-defined computing, System software

File and Object Storage for Dummies, a new Wiley book, sponsored by IBM, contrasts different protocols and the evolution of storage from single disks to the modern myriad of clusters, file servers and the objet network service. ...read more