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Sophisticated and comprehensive data and storage management

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The cost of managing storage infrastructure can be a major component of the total lifetime cost of storage.[1] This is one of the primary reasons companies often have only 50 percent storage utilization rates[2], since it can be easier to throw more capacity at a storage problem than it is to troubleshoot and fix issues ...read more

Make private cloud your competitive differentiator

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When I think about cloud technology, I tend to put customers into 3 buckets. Companies which have embraced the cloud Companies in the planning stages of embracing the cloud Companies whose leaders are thinking about how the cloud is going to help them deliver their business outcomes The reality is that the cloud is here, ...read more

IBM Storage delivers new solutions for your multicloud enterprise

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Today, IBM Storage is announcing many new innovations across the portfolio focused on enabling and supporting simple and automated management, data movement and the placement of data across clouds and on premises. This demonstrates IBM’s continuing focus on what we’ve found matters most to our customers and Business Partners: eliminating silos, breaking down barriers, and ...read more

Celebrating a family of software-defined storage leaders

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Software-defined storage (SDS) is a solution that separates storage intelligence from the underlying infrastructure. It is intended to enable optimal hardware flexibility as applications interact only with the software, potentially creating many cost and deployment advantages. With SDS driving substantial savings in CAPEX, OPEX and operational manpower needs, enterprises of all types and sizes are ...read more

Death, taxes and your storage infrastructure

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There is a time-tested saying that applies to both life and your storage infrastructure. There are only two certainties: Death and taxes. As humans, we are always looking for ways to delay the first and reduce the second. With storage infrastructure, we could conclude that the same two fates exist, though occurring at a more ...read more

Enterprise-class ability for cloud: IBM Spectrum Virtualize

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Champagne and caviar.   Wine and cheese.  Enterprise IT and cloud service providers.   Okay, maybe that analogy is a bit of a stretch, but according to analysts by 2017, 80 percent of organizations will commit to hybrid clouds.[1] And by 2018, 65 percent of IT assets will be offsite, located or co-located with service providers.[2]    When ...read more

Six more surprising facts about IBM Systems that every IT professional should know

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Last week, we ran an article titled “Six surprising facts about IBM Systems that every IT professional should know.” And you liked it, you really liked it! In fact, the post was shared hundreds of times on the first day alone, and has since made its way all across the globe. As such, we wanted ...read more

Delivering your vision

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Almost one year ago, IBM embarked on a mission to change how storage is built, bought and managed. At the time, Senior Vice President of IBM Systems Tom Rosamilia said “A new approach is needed to help clients address the cost and complexity driven by tremendous data growth.” That new approach included building IBM Spectrum ...read more