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IBM Storage in action at HIMSS17

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Today, many healthcare enterprises find themselves dealing with too much data, delivering too little insight. And as we move forward, the challenge will grow. By 2020, it’s estimated that the amount of medical knowledge available to us will double every 73 days, and doctors may have to tackle 200 times the amount of medical data more

Creating the infrastructure needed for the connected economy

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  The emerging model of the “Connected Economy” promises to usher in a new era of business. The increasing links between people, organizations and machines are opening new ways to reach customers, collaborate with partners and gain insights for offering more personalized services. The Connected Economy, though, depends on an IT infrastructure with seamless integration more

Shaping workload scheduling: IBM Workload Scheduler 9.3 FP2

IBM just released Fix Pack 1 for Workload Scheduler Version 9.3 in December of 2015. So why then is a brand new fix pack being published only months later? What is so important that they had to release a new fix pack? Hear the news and insights directly from the experts. Get comfortable and listen more

SaaS offering for storage and device management

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Storage and device management (SDM) software is largely invisible outside the IT department, but it is vital for running data-intensive applications. SDM software can be instrumental in diagnosing data performance issues in complex environments. And rapid data growth increases the importance of SDM. My market research for IDC estimated that the SDM software market brought more

A new user experience with the new Control Desk UI

In an unpredictable world, maintaining quality of service requires the right infrastructure strategy and management tools. The right management capabilities ensure that services meet continuously rigorous demands for superior availability. A new update of IBM Control Desk on SaaS released delivers plenty of new capabilities for self-service users and administrators. The latest deliverable, coming after more

Digital transformation with IBM Middleware on cloud

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Disruption across industries Companies of all sizes have the ability to disrupt or face the prospect of being disrupted. And never before have these threats and opportunities been more evident or emerged with such speed. We’ve all witnessed the jarring rise of Uber, SnapChat, and Netflix. Billion-dollar unicorns are popping up in every industry, forcing more

Unleash the power of integrated IT service management

Although it’s been more than two decades since the notion of a more cohesive approach to the management of IT services was first promoted by the industry, it’s only now that the idea has finally become standard in many IT organizations. Increasingly, the need for a cross-domain and service-aware approach to IT services is being more

Why a CIO should care about APM

Recently, I was talking to the CIO of a midsize software technology company on an airplane (I live in Silicon Valley. What are the odds?). He was chatty and I was bored, so we began to talk about business challenges he was facing. I figured I would use the opportunity to learn something. The CIO more