Top 10 influencers in hybrid multicloud storage you should follow in 2019

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If you had a chance to read my post, you know that digital transformation and disruption is a complex strategy for many companies. The data center is undergoing a massive structural shift as organizations attempt to scale with the flexibility hybrid multicloud provides. Breaking down silos and easily accessing data across different clouds is important, more

IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence series: Unlock

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Every system has its flaws. There are skeletons in every server and applications that only the wisest of development wizards knows the history and inner workings of. Coincidence? Think again. Outdated development practices and application lifecycle management techniques are leading IT teams into an era where it’s becoming harder to find original subject matter experts more

High-performance economics

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The cognitive business is actively engaged in deriving all the value it can from its data assets. This statement suggests no upper or lower limits on the size of the business or the characteristics of its application workloads. It’s why the IBM Storage portfolio offers a very wide range of flash-based solutions. Cloud, mainframe, mission-critical more