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Mobile capabilities with IBM Business Monitor

Where will you be when you need to know how your business process is performing? Let’s say you’ve just heard that the company CFO would like to have fresh numbers on sales and expenses for a session that is going to start in a few minutes with your regional executives. You notice your colleagues frantically more

Get started on your cognitive journey: Part two

In Part 1, we talked about how to apply some of the Watson Languages services to help you gain insights from information that are hiding in your customers’ communication. Now we are going deeper to discuss how to apply machine learning, which is the core of a cognitive system, to guide your business operations. Apply more

Cognitive business operations at InterConnect

I am excited to have the opportunity to talk to our customers and partners about a new area we are evolving on the IBM Smarter Process platform called cognitive business operations. The idea here is that we want to infuse daily business operations with the power of cognitive computing to assist with processes and decisions more

Business processes and decisions in the cognitive era

Digital transformation

Business is changing and moving in new and innovative directions. Customer insights from multiple channels: cloud, mobile, social, the Internet of Things and cognitive computing are shaping how business gets done, and redefining business processes, responsiveness and relationships with customers. Disruptive business models that take advantage of what’s possible offer great potential to act in more

Disruptive trends in customer centricity with IBM ODM Advanced

Part 2 – Towards Cognitive, Proactive, Real-time and Contextual Customer Centricity In Part 1 of this two-part series, I highlighted the importance of customer centricity in a highly competitive market where businesses are striving to follow more customer-centric approaches to attract customers. I also discussed contextual and real-time customer centricity. I talked about how I more

Disruptive trends in customer centricity with IBM ODM Advanced

Part 1 – From Customer Centricity to Real Time and Contextual Customer Centricity With the rise of the Internet and mobile, advertisements have become more prolific than ever. Customers are overwhelmed from having too many options. Therefore, it is crucial to differentiate your business from the competition by sending your customers relevant messages at the more

Turning ideas into reality with Blueworks Live “App Builder”

With over 100,000 users worldwide, IBM Blueworks Live is the process modeling standard utilized at almost half of the world’s largest banks, insurance companies and retailers, and within many other industries. Blueworks Live helps business users such as account managers, client representatives and business analysts describe and share their business processes online in a collaborative more

Why BPM projects fail (and how to prevent it)

There are many factors behind the failure of a project. The technology being used may not be as up-to-date or relevant as it should be. It may also be due to environmental, cultural or readiness factors. More often than not though, failure is caused by an overriding issue–not selecting the right project first. Without a more

Faster business decisions with the help of hybrid cloud

Across all industries, today’s digital businesses are facing a pressing need for speed and efficiency of their operations to meet the increased demand for personalized self-service. They need to be able to tailor offers to an individual, experiment rapidly with new business models, and innovate faster than the competition. Businesses want to deliver a consistent more