Three ways to intelligently scale your IT systems

Data centers, DevOps, Digital transformation...

Digital transformation, with its new paradigms, presents new challenges to your IT infrastructure. To stay ahead of competitors, your organization must launch innovations and release upgrades in cycles measured in weeks if not days, while boldly embracing efficiency practices such as DevOps. Success in this environment requires an enterprise IT environment that is scalable and more

Easier availability, easier on your wallet with the IBM Spectrum Protect suite

Big data & analytics, Data centers, Data security...

2017 was a great year for IBM data protection. We added many new features to our award-winning enterprise data protection suite with 4 new releases to IBM Spectrum Protect in just the last year. We brought to market a copy management solution (IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management) that reduces copy sprawl and makes use of more

Pervasive encryption: The new standard in data protection

Data security, Encryption, Mainframes...

Virtually every business faces the daunting challenges of protecting of their customers’ trust and their data, complying with increasingly stringent regulatory and compliance requirements, managing challenging IT environments, and keeping costs down. IBM Z offers the most secure platform, and with carefully-defined security policies your data can be kept very safe.  Even so, there may more

Who’s tops in server reliability? Ask 750 enterprise users

Linux systems, Mainframes, Power servers...

Imagine what would happen if one of your critical, revenue-generating applications suddenly became unavailable. What if the systems running your core transaction processing services went down or suffered a security breach? Each hour of downtime typically costs between $150,000 and $400,000, and each “average breach” lasting from one to 60 minutes could cost upwards of more

The promise of blockchain and the need for a secure blockchain

Blockchain, Data security, Mainframes...

Blockchain has the potential to vastly reduce the cost and complexity of getting things done—across industries, government agencies, and social institutions. But what is blockchain to an IT professional? Blockchain is a distributed network of data, containing “blocks” of information. A block can contain financial information, such as payments. It could could contain identification information. more

The race for cognitive insights at the speed of thought


Attention: Once upon a time there was so much data no one knew what to do. Then cognitive innovation came along and unlocked all of the data secrets and everything was perfect.  The end. Sounds familiar, right?  In its longer form it goes like this: By 2011, the human race had generated 1.8 zettabytes of more

IBM POWER8 CPU and NVIDIA Pascal GPU speed ahead with NVLink

OpenPOWER, Power servers, Power Systems

A little over a year ago IBM, NVIDIA and the Department of Energy announced a collaborative effort to build two new supercomputers by 2018, each over 100 petaflops, for the Oak Ridge and Lawrence Livermore National Labs. This week, IBM and NVIDIA take a big step forward towards building these two supercomputers by overcoming a more

How to survive after Moore’s Law

OpenPOWER, Power servers, Power Systems

As Intel’s recent announcement (on 31 March 2016) reminds us that the promise of Moore’s Law continues to decline, many are asking the question “What’s next?” IBM Power Systems saw this coming several years ago and, with an ecosystem of POWER8 innovators in the OpenPOWER Foundation, transitioned Power Systems to focus on delivering value to more

Get social with IBM Systems at InterConnect 2016

Cloud computing, Mainframes, Power servers...

IBM InterConnect 2016 is just a week away, and IBM Systems will be there at the center of the action, with tons of learning sessions, client stories, an EXPO presence and more. Whether you’re attending InterConnect in person or following the action remotely, there are numerous ways that you can stay in touch with what’s more