Spectrum Scale, SDI and motorcycles: Scale up, scale out!

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You might wonder if I’ve completely gone off the rails when I mention my passion for motorcycle riding in the same breath as Spectrum Scale and software-defined infrastructure (SDI). Trust me, I’ll make a case for why I put them together. In the early days, a motorcycle was nothing more than a bicycle with a more

Competitive platform migration: Don’t worry! Rely on us

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The idea of migrating to a new IT infrastructure platform produces anxiety for many IT teams, especially in companies with a substantial quantity of data to move. Platform migration can mean downtime for your systems, operational changes and technical risk—just to name a few of the common migration worries. For complex IT projects like this, more

IBM at Cisco Live: The future of hybrid cloud

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In today’s hypercompetitive economy, your organization needs to deliver instant access to information, applications and services, or risk falling behind. If you use a traditional data center design with static resources, your IT infrastructure and staff likely can’t respond in time. Why? Because traditional siloed environments are inefficient.  Staffing and budget constraints further complicate the more

Flash for every workload

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The field of theoretical physics is engaged in developing an all-encompassing theory of everything (ToE) that would link together and explain all of the physical aspects of the universe. While IBM Storage and Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) is not trying to explain the entire universe, it is engaged in a broad effort to develop flash storage more

Five starting points for building a cognitive business

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There’s no way around it. As the pace of innovation and change accelerates, IT leaders will be tasked increasingly with ensuring competitive advantage. And that responsibility means being able to consistently derive insights from oceans of unstructured data to make real-time decisions. To get to the point where your organization can act at the speed more

How do storage solutions accelerate cloud services?

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Seven in ten companies plan to always deploy IT in a hybrid manner: that is, to use both traditional IT and cloud services. That statistic is based on a survey IBM conducted with over 500 companies worldwide. The same survey also showed that the use of private clouds is growing twice as fast as public more

Evolving high-performance computing to deal with mountains of data

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Whether it’s the universe, the Earth’s population, your waistline, or data and compute capacity, coping with expansion is high on everyone’s agenda. Data volumes are expanding in leaps and bounds, while at the same time compute capabilities are being greatly enhanced with technologies like hardware accelerators. Technologies have advanced to store and process massive amounts more