IBM InterConnect 2017 day 4: Step by step

Linux systems, Mainframes, Power servers...

Wednesday at InterConnect 2017 was all about learning in the excellent breakout sessions. In fact, there were still 2,278 sessions to choose from! Not to mention all of the people to meet, social media channels to update, phones to charge (I’ve had to charge my phone 3 times every day!), coffee to drink, and more more

Spinning the sounds of client innovation with RemixIT

Musicians need to innovate to stay relevant — and today, so do IT leaders. So we did something truly innovative in bringing IT and music together with the groundbreaking RemixIT project. Renowned DJ and technologist Tim Exile teamed up with DJ Andrew Hypes in the RemixIT project at IBM to put a new spin on more

DJs in the data center: A new spin on IT

A version of this blog post originally appeared here. People ask me how I got started mixing sounds, and I tell them I was inspired by my dad (Randy Hypes, a drummer and musician). I’ve been drumming since the third grade and have also been singing all my life. My dad introduced me to hip-hop more