Fast and flexible app deployment in the cloud

When is the last time you took a step back and evaluated each one of your application and middleware environments? I don’t mean simply thinking about setting up your development, test or production environments. I mean thinking about how your application environments are running across your hybrid cloud and if they are optimized to their ...read more

Three driving forces to deliver apps in your hybrid cloud

Not all organizations are the same. Therefore not all IT choices will be the same. IT teams need options to deploy new cloud-native applications and existing enterprise applications and middleware across off-premises clouds and/or on-premises private clouds. Many companies are pushing the envelope to deliver new apps in the cloud, whereas industries such as government ...read more

Experience the power of private cloud: IBM Bluemix Local System

Imagine a single cloud platform where your company can run both preexisting enterprise apps and new cloud apps all on one single platform, behind your own firewall. A local private cloud that automatically accelerates, automates and optimizes your application environments, while your team focuses on building exciting new apps. Today, IBM is introducing the IBM ...read more

Open PaaS – hybrid cloud on IBM PureApplication

Looking at the evolution of IBM PureApplication from 2012 to 2016, PureApplication has a bright future. With hundreds of units sold and three versions available (System, Service on SoftLayer and Software), the PureApplication platform has made its way into the IBM cloud management portfolio. Now, the future is more promising than ever. PureApplication is becoming ...read more

Eliminate complexity with full-stack automation

Join us on Thursday, March 31 at 12 PM EST for a live Google Hangout with our experts, who will share how you can eliminate complexity to quickly create, deploy and scale your applications across your hybrid cloud with full-stack automation. Click here to register! Staying on top of new market opportunities will keep your enterprise ...read more

Three ways to improve your application delivery

If I had a dollar for every time someone said “hybrid cloud,” I’d be a very rich person. Why? After spending the past few days at IBM InterConnect 2016, hybrid cloud has been at the forefront of every conversation-–and for good reason. It’s becoming the primary way businesses are creating new cloud apps with speed ...read more

How your enterprise can use Docker containers in production

Docker container technology continues to revolutionize DevOps and the way IT operations teams oversee end-to-end application lifecycle management. During a recent Google Hangout–“Key Considerations for Using Docker Containers in Production”–there was a common topic discussed. Many operations teams need to understand that containers and virtual machines (VMs) are not competing, but actually work extremely well ...read more

Docker on IBM PureApplication: The key business benefits

In 2015, it was announced that IBM PureApplication will fully support Docker, the leading container technology. As we head into IBM InterConnect 2016 (February 21 – 25) let’s reflect and look at the current benefits of Docker running on PureApplication. What’s a container? Simply put, container technologies such as Docker are lightweight alternatives to virtual ...read more

Questions about application platforms? Get answers at InterConnect 2016

We’re only a few weeks into the New Year, but if I were a betting man, I’d feel safe to go “all in” and say 2016 will be another banner year for technology. Backed by the acquisition of StrongLoop in 2015, and the rollout of new IBM WebSphere products, this is the year to meet ...read more