Private and public cloud

IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence series: Unlock

Hybrid cloud, Software

Every system has its flaws. There are skeletons in every server and applications that only the wisest of development wizards knows the history and inner workings of. Coincidence? Think again. Outdated development practices and application lifecycle management techniques are leading IT teams into an era where it’s becoming harder to find original subject matter experts more

What’s so great about open technology? Plenty.

Cloud computing, Linux systems, Open source

Say the word “open” to our clients, and you’re almost certain to get a positive reaction. The subject might be open standards that everyone can build on. Or it could be open source software that people can tap into for immediate solutions. Or it could be open communities that help turbocharge innovation. IBM clients like more

Cognitive on cloud: Compete in the API economy

Cloud computing

How can your organization compete in an environment defined by digital transformation? Our answer: design for cognitive analytics and deliver on cloud. Taking this route will place you on the path to success in the application programming interface (API) economy, in which businesses provide services—and the services of partners—when, where and how customers want them. more

The Wimbledon effect: Into the clouds

Wimbledon epitomizes the “Pursuit of Greatness” for fans who idolize their favorite tennis players; for the players dedicated to achieving a competitive advantage over their opponents and making it into the history books with a Wimbledon title; and for The Championships themselves, which strive to deliver a better fan, player and coach experience than ever more